Gear Lust Part 7


Sort of a cheaper version of an E.L. Distressor, or… ?

EDIT nvm - interesting. Not quite the same but still looks sexy af.


Really itchin for some hardware. I’m thinking just a drum machine and synth to start. Considering the korg er 1 (just under 200) and a volca FM. Suggestions?


Yeah, I’m looking at it more as a suped up stereo Sherman filter bank. Although, given the feature set, namely the envelope follower and VCA, compression/expansion/gating effects should be possible. Also ring mod, tremolo and auto panning! Kinda an analog multi effect.


The ER1 is pretty dated, but still very capable bit of kit. Had one ages ago and had a blast with it while I owned it. The volca fm also looks like a great little box. Basically a 3 voice dx7 inside, with patch compatibility even. Great bang for your buck


Would you say I should get the er1 over the volca beats?


Don’t get the beats imo. Very limited palette.
I can’t speak on the korg but the volca sample is a lot of fun


I have both the er-1 and the beats. The er-1 is a fun drum machine. The beats is fun too. I never expect too much from an analog drum machine (not that I have any other ones), but I’ve made some nice deep kicks on that thing.

If I do get another Volca, it is going to be the Sample. I was just watching some vids of that thing.


That thing sounds cool, but $750 cool? Maybe. It probably goes deeper than that interactive demo and today is the first day I’ve heard of it. And Elektron seem to make some quality instruments.


Considering Sherman filter banks go for $700-$800, are mono, have no memory, are only cv controlable, has only 1 overdrive flavor, and lack 2 band shelving eq, I think the price is ok. I can’t think of any other product that really competes. Maybe a mono evolver, but the filter and overdrive on the Elektron stuff sounds better to my ears than the DSI equivalents and are more flexible, though, TBF you also get a pretty nice monosynth as well in the evolver. Definitely a niche product with a serious price tag, but I can’t really think of anything else that competes with it in terms of quality/features at near that price point. It will make all your existing outboard and software sound more characterful if not out right better. If I were completely ITB and were looking for something to give some analog grit and girth to my tracks, this would be the perfect no brainier all in one solution.


Isnt there like a drum stick with a usb chord in existance that you bang and then the sound somehow turns up in the daw

if not we should make millions and invent one (not necessarily in the same context lol)



yeah but the other way around innit


Impaktor for iOS is cool.


What’s everyone’s preferred mixer and why?


Cuisinart. Bare choppin’. :dunce:


the more I learn and experiment, the more long throw faders are a must no matter what mixer I’m using. And I never have access to a mixer with them. :frowning2:

I have an old Mackie 1202, but a pal of mine has one of the new Yamaha mixers and it’s pretty tight. A little bit noisy, but otherwise solid. Allen and Heath are really nice for small mixers too.

On another note:

This looks tasty. :miyagi:


quite a nice demo here, mainly the bit that starts at 2:15


I use a SSL XDesk and XPanda combo. It has a really great sound, the line amps overdrive really nicely and a mix gels together in a great way when running into the mix bus hot. Wish it had a more sophisticated routing and bus system, but the basic sound quality is so good that I can live without that. I also use the passive summing mixer in my Future Retro dB mastering console. You need a pair of preamps to bring it back up to level, so with a small selection of preamps you can have vastly different mixer characters. I’d love to pick up a shure auxpander or other matrix mixer for more sends in my set up though.


I heard a rumor that Arturia is going to announce a drum machine tomorrow, the Drumbrute. Interested to hear how it sounds, the price point is said to be around $500.


That’s a top price


Oooo…glad I held off on the TR-8. Love Arturia stuff.

Hopefully it’ll have a sequencer built in so it can drive the MiniBrute.