Gear Lust Part 7



Just watching this one;

Think I’m in love with it.


deffo sounds pretty good. might be my frst drum machine if they still sell em by the time i build my studio.


i hope 3.5mm outs dont become the new norm lol


lol yea thats not ideal


That DrumBrute sounds nice!

Nice fat kicks and it has individual outs.

Between that and the new 909…


Can you load your own drum samples on the Drum Brute?


Nope, it’s purely an analogue drum machine.

The DrumBrute is only $50 more than the TR-09 from Sweetwater. I think I would have to lean more towards the DrumBrute.

I’ll just use 909 samples like I have always done.


i think u can get a lot more varied use out of the drum brute judging by that vid too.
the kick sounds fat too



Gear lust is strong on this one.

I told myself I was going to hold off on buying any new instruments, plus my studio is in boxes and in shambles as I’ve just moved. I haven’t even gotten deep with my MachineDrum yet.

But still…

Since 808’s and 909’s were always out of reach or more than I was willing to spend, I think the Volca Beats was a little tide me over for an analog drum machine. But it still felt a little toyish. I think this DrumBrute is something I would like to jam on and will fill my analog drum machine cravings.

I want to start making some Electro Bass!


Really wanna get a pair of dj turntables. Recently picked up a vinyl buying habit


audio technica lp120

the lp1240s are worth it if you have the cash

I learned on the 120’s and they are ok, very low torque which will make things tough at first but if you learn on low torque you can play on any turntables after. You will need to buy some proper shure or ortofon cartridges though as the needles that come stock on the 120’s are really bad(and the 1240’s come with no carts at all).

the 1240s are great but they actually almost have too much torque haha

these prices are actually too high, you can find better deals on these new if you look, i copped my 120’s for 200 and my 1240 for 330.


Thanks for the info dude! I think I’ll start thinking about getting some of those. I feel like I’d almost rather have the ones that are harder to use cause I’m not switching from cdjs to get dj easier. Is the torque the only difference?


they also have a terribly designed signal path that still fucks up your audio even if you use the switch to bypass the (awful) internal preamp. it’s a pretty easy fix though.


I think you’ve got better ears than I, I’ve never been too bothered by it, especially on a home system (I actually have never noticed a difference even side by side with 1210s etc). I’d say the cart makes a much bigger difference than the non-bypass amp.

Thats just me tho hehe

That being said a proper pair of technics 1210s are pretty much the best case for mixing in general. They can be a proper pain in the ass to grab a pair of tho. Most of the ones around me go for an inflated price and require some pretty serious maintenance after the fact.


i thought it was fine too until i actually did it, and then I kind of hated myself for not doing it like a year earlier :lol_og:

here’s some samples someone uploaded. difference between 551p unmodded and modded are huge imo, especially on the highs (break my stride has the clearest differences). can’t remember what the circuit on the preamp board is like exactly but basically there’s a bunch of caps that end up acting as filters, so it just makes everything sound kinda dull


Yeah I almost picked these up but instead went with my Stanton 92s. Curious if there’s a difference in sound quality considering the Stanton doesn’t have that weird routing.


cheers man, actually gonna take a look at that fix haha, been lazy about it