Gear Lust Part 7


Bought new cans yesterday. Sennheiser HD280 pros. Very happy with them this far. Work way better for electronic than my old AKG 240 MKIIs. Bass is increased and mids are more balanced. Stereo image is kinda same but dynamics are way better, it’s a lot easier to hear when something is too sustained/undynamic.


ive still not opened the box to my volca beats ting :person_with_pouting_face:


Open it!!

I plugged it into a keyboard amp and could get enough bass in the kicks to shake the room.


i promise



This was posted a long time ago in this thread but here is the Beats in action, recorded lo-fi style on my phone:


Sample contest! :duncelol:


Was this Paulstretched? It almost needs some sort of moody vocal like Dead Can Dance or something.


Nah, just Auditioned (or CoolEdited for the OGs :sunglasses:)


made a few new acquisitions and got my setup pretty close to where i want it (for now) :eyes:

just gotta settle on a poly and a reverb, leaning towards a minilogue and one of the strymon verbs respectively


I was feeling watching Minilogue vids today. I think it sounds pretty good. Sort of gear lusting on that one.

I think I’m going for an effects unit next. I’m considering a H9.


I’m back to square 1. Need monitors lol.

Think when I have my own place I’ll save up for some Adams or s.t


Picked a Circuit for Black Friday, super interesting price… Been lusting after this one for a while, even more after the successive firmware updates! The sound editor + the 8 macros with 4 assignable parameters each look killer! Anyone rocking one in his set up?

Went for an EMX2 at first, was really lusting after that one too, but I got one from the faulty batches (sunken as fuck pads, noisy headphone output, noisy audio input) so sent it back. And the short time I spent with it didn’t convinced me to try my luck a second time, honestly.


No Focal, Dynaudio or Neumann? At this point I’m pretty much convinced one of those
is the best price/quality. Going by hearsay on the Neumann’s, never even heard a set.


I don’t like how finals sound tbh. We had trios at the studio and they were not as good as anything else in the price range imo.

Swapped them out for ATCs :ok_hand:


I was more thinking in the 500-700 price range. Thought the CMS series sounded quite good.

ATC and Trio6 are more like 2000-2500 right? I’d go with ATC for sure if I would have
a dedicated space for a studio.


Yea they are but the trios are roughly that price as well



I just ordered a Paca from symbolic sound last night. I never thought i’d have the money to spend on one, but sound design has been good to me, and as a result, Kyma is no longer a frivolous decision. In fact, my wife preferred the Paca over a modular for it’s “practicality”…

haha whoa. this is fuckin surreal



this is the bworst


Gear slutz with GAS? just dont type that into the search on a porn site…
What I want? avantone mixphones and a permanent marker to tag the shit out of it. it looks ugly as fuck