Gear Lust Part 7


Need some advice:
Should I get the Push 2 or the NI Maschine MK2? (or even the Komplete Kontrol S49)

I mainly work in Ableton Live, got the full suite package + Komplete 9. Have previously owned the Push 1 but used it less and less as time went by. Mainly because of the screen, the pads and the overall functionality.
Have been looking at the Maschine for the simple fact that you get way easier access to high quality samples, even though I’ve read that the Maschine sequencer is shite compared to Ableton.


I got a push 2 a few months ago, and I dig it—if I were you I’d get it while it’s still $639 (if it is). If you use ableton a lot then it’s worth it, if you’re using other software it can be worth it, but expect to only use it in other software mostly as a keyboard controller (with the pads). The push 2 is majorly based on the live software, but if you want to have bi-directional support with anything else, then you won’t be happy. unless someone wrote a controller script for it with your software of choice. In some ways it almost feels like my monome grid, in that I’ve gotta fire up a max patch (or put one together) to use it decently with anything other than ableton.

i’m still on the fence about it, but thats because I’ve gotta filter out all midi nn’s under 13, because the stupid encoders send out note messages 1-11 whenever you touch them, and the strip sends out nn 12. Also the knobs are relative, not absolute, so you’ve gotta account for that if you’re gonna use it with anything else. Relative makes sense with encoders for finer control, but I’m no math expert and I don’t like having to think about converting a stream of 1-63 or 127-64 based on which way I turn a knob (and how fast I turn it).

bah! I’m becoming an old man. I just want a doepfer pocket dial and a kenton control freak.


Just picked up a DrumBrute. Going to try and pull off a video review but have been ill/busy with the holidays. Also drunkenly bid on and won a Electribe ER-1 MKII. Missed having that weird ass thing around.


Let us know what you think about the DrumBrute. I’ve seriously been eyeing that thing but can’t really justify it right now when I have a MachineDrum just laying around.


Absolutely. It was kind of an impulse buy as well. I’m down to just the Analog 4, which I’ve quite been enjoying to make music with all by itself, but had been wanting a drum machine. I was almost set to buy a new Electribe Sampler (again) as I couldn’t justify a RYTM or Octa, but having owned one I was always very “meh” about it even though I loved my ESX. Could be I just had too much gear at the time.

The ES still would have been the most sensible choice, but after I found out I could trigger samples from my iPad or DAW with the DrumBrute I was like fuck it…DrumBrute looks loads more fun than the ES.


yay. got this’s a pretty simple box with a nice color and eeexcellent distortion. great for drums. also a really good spring reverb.
got it for 50.-.
made my day.


Possible for you to record some A/B demos? Would love to hear what it does.


So I had enough moxie to get the DrumBrute up and running and playing around with it. I had some initial thoughts about some common thoughts being thrown around about it.

  1. Its an over priced Rhythm Wolf

Eh. I think that Kick 1 on the DB can get into this kinda cheesy, squelchy video arcade game territory, but having owned a MicroBrute I was not surprised by this and it is apparent in all the demos. On the other hand Kick 1 has a lot of sweet spot on the opposite end. The rest of the sounds are all good and all synthesized analog voices. So if you want “that sound” as far as sound palette you’ve got it.

Overall I really don’t see a comparison though. This has loads of features: master swing, per track, not nudge and polyrhtyhms on a 17 voice all analog drum machine is simply amazing at this price point. Once I bumbled through the manual and cleared all the factory banks/patterns I got a pretty funky 16 steps going my first time out. All of these parameters are easily accessible and I’m sure I’ll memorize them in no time. The swing/nudge options where what I was most worried about loosing switching from Elektron to another drum machine. I know plenty of boxes do it–but a simple X0X analog drum machine with these options easy to access is a real pleasure to program.

The hats and I think the kicks are on choke groups which is nice. I think I’m going to be doing a lot of tracks employing both kick drums in a kind of wonky style, letting something else hold down the rhythm.

Also, unquantized and quantized live beat recording. No p-locks or motion recording, which might actually be nice for the drum voice parameters, but nothing that can’t be done live (which is more fun and more organic sounding).

  1. Arturia = Unfinished, Abandon-ware

Legit concern. We will see. I’m not really seeing any major bug reports so if its stable, great. Don’t fuck with what works. I can’t imagine what they might possibly add.

  1. Sounds are too limited.

Personally I feel like this is a totally asinine comment. This has as much range as the TR-8 808/909 combined sound sets and presumably the originals. If you want a modern drum synthesizer get a RYTM. These days most people aren’t using just raw drum machine tracks most of the time. Though you arguably could use the DB raw for plenty of genres. I feel like its getting ripped on for not sounding like a mastered track right out of the box. Saw one really nice video using a load of pedals and the DB’s voices really sprang to life with just a little extra processing. Makes sense to me–the DB has a personality, but seems to take well to further tweaking.

For myself, I think I’ll be “rounding off the grit” quite often, but if I’m in a raw ass techno mood, the DB will do nicely. It’ll take some extra work to make it soft or subtle. I think a lot of people who are used to using pre-processed samples or like modern layered drum sounds are going to be disappointed by the untreated sound of this drum machine–as they would most.

Individual outs and a variable HP LP Steiner Parker filter allow for plenty of sound sculpting.

Pretty impressed Arturia. Also the “Vegas” screen saver mode is tits. I love all the pretty lights…

Still planning on doing a video with some demo stuff.


disclaimer: I’m sorry but

outboard handheld crap autotune>>>>


fucking sick mic helmet

voice scrambler


playmobil dj




also robotic hand kit

edit theres basicly a skunk grow kit and a crystal meth workshop for kids + bionic tingz :mrgreen:


I can make a mean blue peppermint candy that looks like some proper walter white…


Cable lust:

Anybody use one to transfer data between a mixer and pc/mac instead of an Oyaide d+ USB?


I use a regular old whatever the cheapest and longest I could find firewire cord between my MOTU 828 and my PC. Can’t imagine it actually working better. Latency is negligible even when recording all 10 inputs at once. I usually record a couple dumby bars and just cut the tracks and get em lined up afterwards.


Surely, the data flow has to be more stable then the Oyaide to usb.


ah missed that usb bit of the post…yea, i would think so. I try not to do conversions and adapters if I can afford it…


Been playing on my mates MPC 2000xl this week, really does make things sound rugged n bad in no time. Well fun to manipulate

Fiending over these Abominable Electrics pedals

Sheesh the designs on some


Not trying to do so either, it’s for Serato and I’m betting using firewire over usb would be an improvement.


moving in 2 weeks and studio already in boxes. remind me again in 2 weeks lol
would happily record a few things.


I see. I honestly haven’t really had a hand in DJing for a long time, so I know nothing of Serato and not techy enough to know about the benefit of firewire over usb in any scenario. I’ve had pretty good luck with web companies and making returns if something like a cord doesn’t work out.


Something to consider in case it doesn’t perform as expected.