Gear Lust Part 7


my mate just found this for me in a house he’s clearing out for a family friend, free reel to reel :slight_smile:


dope dope dope


There is defo something about the akai mpcs, the software is absolute shite, like really buggy and a total pita, but they do sound fat as fuck.

I’m on the verge of backing an mpc renaissance for an ni maschine but i just can’t bring myself to do it yet.


Aren’t there 3rd party OS builds for MPCs that’re more stable? My friend had one and did that if I recall.

Sucks that such an iconic piece of kit would be so poorly supported tho. :mad:


That’s the JJOS you’re thinking of… it’s an alternative OS coded by an ex engineer from Akai known as JJ, and it brings A SHITLOAD of new functions to the MPC. But it’s only for the MPC1000 and 2500 though (the models he worked on when he was part of Akai).

I’ve got a MPC500 as my main sequencer… hard to learn due to it’s mini mini screen, no JJOS, none of the fancy functions that the bigger MPCs have… but when it clicks, a fuckin’ excellent sequencer and sample box all around.

There are two new stand alone MPCs coming next year. Don’t know if want.


Oh my… :surprised:


Anyone have thoughts on the new MPC X or Live…not an option any time in the near future for me…but I’m curious to see how close MPC Live gets to “DAW in a box” as far as arrangement goes…hopefully some EQ and compression onboard…

Would be sweet as an end of chain for live performance…


At that price point, I’m not entirely sold. Then again, I’ve never really had the MPC experience. It could be a dope sampler/sequencer for the live thing.


idk, I watched the sound on sound demo of it, and the guy kept talking about how fast the response time of the touch screen is (feels like he says it almost every other sentence) and visually there seems to be a large amount of input lag as he keeps saying it. He actually bigs up the waveform change to dB changes, but on screen the waveform is updating very slowly after each increment of the knob change.

I can’t say i really trust akai these days overall and this thing seems to be stuck down too far in the middle of hardware/software (i know the point is to replace the computer but to what gain?)


the price point is a major concern…

I havent seen a proper demo yet…just some feature overviews…Id be really disappointed if it was laggy for that kinda money…

as I said…I totally waiting to hear from early adopters before even saving a penny for it…


The old mpc1000 stuff is better IMO even with that awful firmware


I’ve never used an MPC before myself. They always seemed super convoluted to use and get the most out of them…even with JJ OS. I mean at those prices I could get a new studio computer that’ll last me a decade.


Yea I wouldn’t get one
I used to love playing with the old one at the studio tho. actually sounded fat. Guessing 12 bit converters lessen dynamic range some what and it was deffo gritty in a cool way


I’m actually kind of surprised no one has come up with a hardware processer that is just a bunch of “lo fi” signal paths/converters from old, popular boxes like MPCs etc.

They’d probably charge way too much for it though.


Don’t know about the live or x but I got an MPC rennaisance about 2 or 3 years ago and tbh wish i’d got a maschine instead - for what I do anyway. It might be great in a live scenario but for my workflow in the studio it sucks - big time. The software is utter shite (regularly crashes my DAW, forced to use the Akai VST interface which is shit imo), you can’t use it as a midi controller for anything else - they’re the main drawbacks for me. It sounds amazing, like everything seems to sound fat as fuck out if it, but I’m seriusly considering selling it and getting a maschine instead.

Akai software is the biggest problem imo, it always has been terrible going all the way back to the early software for the S3000 samplers, I kind of figured they would have sorted that out by now when I bought the ren, but no - it’s still inexcusably buggy shit.


I’ve not heard anything particularly good about Renaissance et al. Maschine is pretty dope. I use the software a lot, but I rarely use the controller. Somehow I never got on with the shortcuts or using it w/o the mouse/computer. I’m sure plenty of people have as Maschine seems pretty popular from what I can tell. I liked it a lot for jamming and it has worked well in FL Studio…9-whatever I’m on now. Even my MKI controller works flawlessly with the newest Maschine software. The integration with other NI software is spot on and the response of the controller to the software is way smoother than most MIDI controllers.

If you have the dosh, I’d seriously consider Maschine Studio just for the additional on screen info.


Maschine is sick. Sad my mk1 got nicked. Now I use the software in conjunction with
the Analog Rytm. Definitely want to get an mk1 again though.


You want my controller? PM me. Forget if you are in US or elsewhere…dunno if its worth shipping internationally…



I got gas for a new electribe. or just a faster mac so I could use more fx :stuck_out_tongue: