Gear Lust Part 7


Decided to man the fuck up and go with an integrated amp. NAD C338 I think. Looking at these right now:

Yamaha R-N602
Yamaha A-S501 or 701
Onkyo TX-8160
Onkyo A-9050
Marantz PM6006
NAD C338

Also bought a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 225’s.:dubsteprave:


that bit of him saying “im gonna transfer it through the speaker” with the harsh data noise after is prime sample material :slight_smile:


Do it.

I’m running Klipsch KG4’s with a Kenwood amp. I had a nice Onkyo amp but the left channel gave out twice, even after having it repaired. It was a good amp though.


Jelly guys. Nicest listen system in the house is my Yamaha 5.1 amp and a pair of Bose. Looking to get some powered speakers for my studio just for listening…


redundancies creating redundant hardware at my work, sad loss of colleagues but on the upside I’ve acquired a pair of Genelec 8040A’s

unfortunately they need new drivers and repairs ain’t cheap


Fitting a completely new driver is super easy. Unless they’re made so you can’t open them
easily? Maybe there’s reconing kits.


Yeah I’ve investigated…you can only get the drivers through genelec dealers, but they don’t sell them as such, you can only get them as part of a repair service by that dealer


Really interesting read:


I don’t DJ, but my one crappy DJ turntable I use to listen to records and sample has a Shure Whitelabel on it : )



I’m due for new stylus and thinking of buying some whitelabel’s instead of the Orotofon S-120 replacements.

They’re nearly half the price and industry standard.


just cop some concorde styli


Been using Ortofon S-120’s:

Just need some replacement styli, but as I’m on a budget thinking of coping some m-447’s instead as I have some carts for them ready to go as well.


yeah, im saying buy the concorde styli instead, they fit on the s-120 carts and sound nearly identical imo


Ah word.

Yeah, I’ll look into them.

Bought the s-120 carts thinking they’re track my control records better, haven’t really noticed an improvement with them over others though.


I’ve been talking about this Ortofon v Shure thing for years. The funny thing is, I (and hundreds with me) now buy the replacement styli for our m44-7 systems from Tonar, a company located in my birthplace.
The original replacement stylus (n44-7 or C) is sometimes hard to find now. Two dealers have actually told me that they are not being made anymore. This is a bit of an issue because this type of needle is relatively fragile, especially if you take the cartridge off a lot and move the turntables all the time.

I have not been able to notice any difference in sound quality or tracking force between the
n44-7 and the Tonar version. However the Tonar does not come with a stylus guard.


Christmas came late and I bought myself an MS 20 Mini with some Tiptop Audio stackable patch cables.


Pre-phono amp’s really are one of those things that you get what you pay for aren’t they?

Wouldn’t mind buying a base model for converting my records to digital.

Would something like this suffice or do I really need to spend $200+?


they do sound better at $200 but it’s diminishing returns. i’ve tried a few in the 50-70 dollar range and most sounded fine

if i was converting my entire collection to digi i would want to do it with a better one, but maybe you still want to try out both and see if the difference is worth it to you


Better than a Rane mixer?



Yeah, much better.

The 57SL can only do 16-bit.