Gear Lust Part 7


isnt that just over usb 1.1?



I know you have a Rane and I have one as well. This was a serious question. Mine is a TTM-56, so all analog. Wouldn’t the bit rate be on your recording device?



Yeah it would be and it would be better as I could record 24-bit, which I can’t do with the TTM-57.

@Phigure Could I just run the turntable to the phono pre amp and then into my recording device(Macbook Pro 2015 retina)?


you would need a USB/firewire audio interface to convert the signal out of the preamp into digital for your computer to record.

you could just run the output of your rane into an interface and record that way instead though.


That is how I would (and have to) do it.

I would think that the RIAA phono preamps on a $1000 mixer would sound better than a $60 one.

Yes, you would need a proper soundcard for this.


Ok ok, all makes sense now. Knew I was forgetting a crucial piece of equipment.[quote=“cyclopian, post:772, topic:147”]
you could just run the output of your rane into an interface and record that way instead though.
The soundcard is only 16-bit though. 24-bit is key for having all my records on flac.


yeah, instead of using the built in usb output of the rane, you run the audio out of the rane’s analogue outputs into a soundcard(interface).


@mks How many years have you been rocking your ttm56 now?


I’ll give this a shot before purchasing an audio interface.




I dont think you’re understanding me here.


Probably not.

Let me rethink this and get back you…


Signal flow:

Turntable > Rane (audio output, not digital output) > USB Interface > Computer


Probably about 10 years now. Before that I had a Rane TTM-54 which was a solid mixer but only had low and high eq’s.


Right so, turntable/mixer output to phono pre amp outputted to an audio interface with usb/firewire output running into the thundebolt port with a firewire adapter on my MBP and then ideally with some more troubleshooting and dsf guru consultation’s I could be recording 24-bit flac’s.


Your rane has high quality phono pre-amps built in :wink:

I think the 16-bit usb output on your mixer is throwing you off, there is no 16 bit conversion that happens when the rane outputs an analogue audio signal out of its audio outputs. You’d run those outputs (RCA Im guessing) into the interface and let the interface do the ADA conversion.


That mixer is a preamp. You don’t need another one.

Cyclopian provided the signal flow.


Yeah, your right.

ffs we had this discussion 6 months ago.


Knew this already, just beating a dead horse here.

The want to be able to record in 24-bit seems to come every half a year, maybe this time I’ll buy an audio interface.


there is a $99 model as well, but it strangely has only one xlr input and one 1/4" input, so you might want to look into that if you dont mind using two different cables for L and R (there will be no (real) audio difference between balanced 1/4" and xlr)

As an added benefit using this thing as a headphone amp and monitor control will provide you a much much better sound than your macbook’s normal headphone out


Just saw it here too on sale: