Gear Lust Part 7


Never use my macbook headphone port.

It’s an output only on the newer ones.

Have to use a usb 3mm audio in/out adapter.

Apple and their dongles. :eyeroll:


I just mean, if you listen to music with your laptop, when you have the interface plugged in, it will run your laptops sound to the interface and you plug your headphones into the interface for a really nice ‘headphone amp’ or run the sound to your monitors/speakers through it. And it sounds really damn good for the price.


Using it as an amp for my studio monitors would be key.


yeah i use mine for that purpose too. It has separate knobs for monitor volume and headphone volume too; great for A/Bing or late night sessions.


I think its possible to get a good phono stage for under $200, but it might be hard to find one with a USB out. After tons of research I came to the conclusion that for under $200 your top two choices are either:

Emotiva if you want to switch between mm and mc cartridges and the Hagerman if you want one or the other. Unfortunately no usb out on either, but they match or improve upon the sound quality of much more expensive units

My setup is almost complete:
Cambridge Audio CXA60
Emotiva XPS-1
Wharfedale Diamond 225
SVS SB-2000

Just need a cartridge now. Can’t choose between AT 440mlb, Ortofon 2M Blue, Denon DL-110, DL-103.


Fuuuuck. Trying to get away from iOS for music production but this looks dope dope dope.


I just picked up iMini from Arturia. I’ve never owned a Moog, but fuck…its so good. It was honestly worth the 10.99 for the presets.


Yeah - synthesis in general works p well on iOS tbh. Like the Moog a/b tests between a hardware model costing thousands and the waveforms from the app - indistinguishable.

It’s nice to have all those sounds and toys at one’s fingertips, especially on long train rides or road trips…

It’s the workflow that’s killing me though. Too - funneled? Linear? I don’t know.

Like getting a bit overwhelmed by VST options years ago, moving to iOS was nice because it simplified that and I could move past analysis paralysis and just bang out beats and shit. (Also couldn’t afford a new computer with enough beef.)

Yet now here I am sort of frozen by how few paths I can take at any given juncture.


Yeah. Guess I just need to come at what’s available a little differently. Still not sure what that means. Probably picking one or two interesting apps I already have and just diving into them (FieldScaper, ElasticDrums f/e) but the lack of a good tactile interface still leaves me cold. Real buttons/knobs/switches etc.


we might be getting rid of an old (but v capable) desktop tower at work soon, with a fresh OS install it should be more than capable of running some daw action, will let you know


Cyc being typically awesome.

Thanks man. Appreciate that even if it doesn’t work out.


I pretty much consider my iPad an extra hardware synth. I dont end up using it a whole lot though. But considering how good iMini is, it might be my new go to bass synth. My studio desktop is starting ever so slightly to show its age at ~8 years old.

I agree though that touch screen doesn’t really turn me on much for programming or live jamming. I’ve almost exclusively used it as a sampler and/or sequencer.

Been meaning to get a bunch of samples into Patterning to sequence with the DrumBrute. I’ve got a pile of second hand store vinyl sitting around for years I’ve been meaning to record and chop up. I need to get some herb, blaze and just record the fuck out these vinyls…


:surprised: Wotttttttt


Damn! Cheap af, wish I had caught that earlier when it was in stock


Don’t go down that rabbit hole guys.

You buy one piece of modular equipment and then it is all over after that.


its true, tbh though these days im a lot more interested in signal processing than synthesis.

Gonna be building up a collection of poor quality compressors and various other half broken boxes over the next year I think.

The biggest limitation im running into personally is a lack of ‘natural’ signal degradation: 1st world producer problems


New Dr Suzuki Mix Edition black slipmatts:

Along with new all blacked out Serato 2.0 control records:

Thinking there might be some e juice residue on the records that is leaving those colours.

Would a clean damp warm microfibre cloth be ok for wiping off any residue?


Yeah you can pretty much wash a record like you do a window.
I use microfibre cloth as well, with some water from a spray bottle.


two approaches of interest to me there:

  1. buy old radios with tube amps and rip out those amp circuits and reconstitute in new box (not compression per se but good for organic duttiness)

  2. buy Empirical Labs Distressor lol.




p sure im grabbing this next payday, seems absolutely perfect for my needs at the mo