Gear Lust Part 7


holy shit, feeling the most intense GAS i’ve had in a long long time


yeah man, been wanting one of those real bad. building a basic spring reverb is p easy though if you just want one to slap around king tubby style


ya, I’ve actually got a spring reverb tank sitting inside a slightly busted marshall amp head that I’ve been meaning to dig out.

Really love the sound of the filter on that ekdahl though and I’ve been wanting a filter lately, two birds with one stone made out of money?


yeah same reason im lusting for one, nice that it does CV too


I’m kind feeling that new Elektron Digitakt. It looks fun.


New Elektron offerings look pretty tempting overall.


there were a few on Reverb for 375~ recently, was ready to pull the trigger tonight and they are all sold, prob dodged a budgeting bullet there but im still a bit sad :alpaca:



Ordered a Micromonsta which has just turned up;

8-bit Poly w/ tiny footprint. Ideal for my rapidly cluttering desk.

1.03 firmware update;

"Introducing 2 new features from Micromonsta firmware v1.0.3:

  • Wavetables without slice interpolation
  • Arp pattern randomization"

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Jeez that thing sounds ridic good, esp. for the size.


Seriously, I’ve got guitar pedals that are bigger.

Had a mini setup running last night. Beatstep Pro triggering the Micromonsta, with an ER-1 clocked in. Found a patch called “nuhouse” which is basically an M1 organ bass variation, and was just twisting the filters for a bit whilst muting channels on the Korg. Wicked fun :sunglasses:

One thing I will see, build quality on the MM isn’t potentially as good as it could be. The case is plastic and feels a little flimsy against something like my Minibrute (which I’m fairly sure I could use to break into a car if need be)


This may or may not be useful to somebody somewhere.




I ordered these IK Multimedia iLoud mini monitors last night. They were well reviewed and I’m tired of working in headphones all of the time. I’m also resigned to the fact that my studio is in pieces and I’m not sure if this apartment is the right spot for it. I’m going to just make jams in my kitchen.



My toaster has the best LFO!!


I was originally looking into these little Genelec 8010A speakers but at $300 each, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put down $600 for my kitchen speakers.


Oh Behringer.


I wonder how it will sound? I saw an original listed today for $3499.