Gear Lust Part 7


can it do breaks? that would be sick. like faster stuff

have a robot playing the drums, then you could play the guitar or something. then have the best drummer play with you. or it would be like having someone really good at doing drums on the computer.

or you make the sounds with your mouth and the computer plays it sounding good


I opened up reaktor for the first time in a long time, and was instantly reminded why i never mess with it haha! Too many brain needed. I wanna make things sound bad quickly not via hours of meddling with software.

Massive ups to @knobgoblin, he doesn’t talk about it on here bc he’s a humble weeny n such, but me and @_ronzlo got a small glimpse at what he’s been doing with this shit and its nutty.


I feel the same way sometimes. But that shit is deep. It’s gonna take practice. I feel a bit lost right now after a long break from it.


I agree, its amazing but for me I keep finding new stuff to do with the limited gear i have on hand. Earlier i was trying to run my volca beats through my microbrute to use the brute’s filter, and i found out you can push the line in gain via a tiny pop-out knob on the back of the unit to absolutely saturate and overdrive the sound, even more fun when fed back into the circuit via some patch cables and sound card re-routing hehe. That whole experience was very organice, a nice change of pace for me bc im constantly doing shit on the computer

Edit: to clarify, I think what i mean is that I can’t personally get the same experimental vibe by looking at the screen, with hardware (in my set up) im a caveman, like, hmm this plug is the same size as this hole, lets try it, hmm this staticy noise is coming through but low, lets push it to full volume!

I do plenty of experimenting in my daw with routing and effects, but they are almost two fully separate mindsets for me. The DAW being an arena for sample mangling and my hardware an arena for making something come out of the end of the chain.

(and im not discrediting Reaktor, im just not fully ready to tackle it perhaps and more likely, I’ve not really have had a ‘need’ to)


@cyclopian is right - @Knobgoblin’s algo patches are fucking amazing. They live and breathe and lull and jar. Magic.

Re: Dadamachines - there’s a shit ton of possibilities tbh: taking all of your pots, pans, kettles, etc. and having them play midi breaks in the hallway with a live mic… the Lego adapter one was really interesting since Lego’s already sort of a plug n’ play form factor - you could rig up mad Rube Goldberg instruments for days with your niece/nephew/sibling/cousin’s set.


We try to owe that idea to this other danish artist and call them storm p mahines instead (culturally).

some people believe Storm P was a nazi. Maybe getting his idea from a guy called Goldberg !.. seems likely.But Storm P is still somewhat of ‘national treasure’ as they would say.

I made this track inspired by these Rube Goldberg /Storm p machines

slightly related aswell

possibly a whole repost lol




I saw this yesterday and for £150 odd quid it looks quite fun. i’m sure its very limited but as a starter kit it looks neato


Yeah. I wish there was a a bit more character to the sound and controls to shape 'em, but there’s always stompboxes.


Discount code for $40 off a Meeblip Triode, so I bagged one.

Can’t argue at that price. Again, small footprint so it can work it’s way into a portable live rig with ease :thumbsup:


IWatch as Derk takes you through a varitable time machine of poorly timed products. They are missing the mark by a decade or so on each one. Poor tascam

Imagine if they put together a modernized portastudio 4 track cassette reissue with some modern features like a USB audio out. Would be quite popular I’d imagine. Instead they are putting out a cassette deck/cd player combo LOL


I sort of splurged on Soundtoys 5 yesterday. They had a one day sale and because I had one of the plugins included with Soundtoys 5 I was able to do an upgrade to the whole set for $169.

I’ve kind of been wanting to get my hands on Echoboy for awhile which goes for $99 by itself. Now I have a bunch of other plugins to play with for not that much more.

They do sound really good. I always see their ad in Tape Op; probably one of the few plugin makers that advertise in there.


yeah the soundtoys stuff are some of the only plugs i still use nowadays

just installed a scsi to sd board in the e64 :cannon:


anyone have any tips on the t resonator?

bought one used but i still dont feel like im getting enough out of it to warrant keeping it. it’s so unruly that all i really do is use it as a kind of set it and forget it stereo widener


Does anyone know how what that daw controller is? Never seen one before.


It’s the Pro Tools | S3.


It costs £4,261.00. Typical pro tools pricing. Ridiculous.


PT can go eat a :handbag: of :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant:


Pro Tools is the shit. The s3 is like a tiny d command, very good for a proper
home studio, editing suite or post pro house.

Eyeing a Juno 60 right now, but I want midi in it and the asking price is already €1400.
Maybe I will just get a minibrute or bass station 2. Fraction of the price and I won’t
have to muck about with mods.