Gear Lust Part 7


Ahh, I actually have the DC-10. The only difference I can see is the mic input.



I gone dun and got myselfs a digitakt.


Fuuuuuuck yeah. Ordered mine yesterday


No way!!


I’ve def been eying the Digtakt but it is not yet in stock at my preferred place for buying musical gear online in the US.

It’s alright though. I have spent a lot of money on gear and software these last two months; I should probably hold off for awhile.


You can get them through elektrons page.
Signed up for the email announcement after I missed the first batch and got the heads up today.

It’s not even been a day and I’m wondering how soon it’ll get here lol.


I have heard about this merry-go-round from Elektron but that was when they were discontinuing the Machinedrum and the Monomachine.

You may get it this week or it might be a few weeks. I had my Machinedrum on pre-order for four or five months via Sweetwater before I got it but at least I got my order in on time. Probably different for the Digitakt since it’s a new product but it is hard to say how long it will take.


When they announced that they were ending production on the MnM and MD there was a stampede to get the final units at an amazing discount. I think they sold their remaining stock within a week or two.
Demand for the DT seems pretty high too, but I’m sure they will be readily available in a few weeks. The preorder and initial stock to vendors sold out in a few days :scream_cat:
How are you getting on with your MachineDrum by the way?


I know, that is why I put my order in months before they officially announced it being discontinued. I think the clue was when they announced that sudden price drop and it felt like a fire sale to sell off their remaining stock to make way for the new (Digitakt).

I might have even been tipped off by you or someone in this very thread.

I’m getting on fine with the Machinedrum. I’ve really started to get into it over the past month or two. It is an awesome machine. I didn’t get the UW version though which I sort of regret but then they announced the Digitakt soon after which will have all of the sampling I need.

I figure the price I paid for the Machinedrum plus the price of a Digitakt is about the same as what the Machinedrum’s were going for originally.


Yeah, until the price drop I think the UW was $1800 or near that. If you got discount non UW and add Digitakt, it is a way more powerful setup for less. The sequencer upgrades are next level shit, very much looking forward to using the better DT sequencer for my MD


So pissed at myself for not just finding extra work instead of selling on the Machinedrum MKII I bought at that point when they announced they weren’t making any more.

In other news I’ve gotten myself an MS-20 mini and Microgranny in the interim. Love em both. I’m really digging doing some ghetto tech with hip hop vocals on the Microgranny and Korg ER 1 on drums. Tight little jam sesses have been had…


The MS20 mini is a super fun synth to play with. I got an SQ-1 to go with it and I like making little blerpity blerps with them together.

I need to pull those things out of their boxes. Most of my studio is in boxes still from my last move several months ago.

It is time for the summertime kitchen jams!!


Haha. Nice. I’m really liking the sound of the MS20 a lot. Still have to remind myself how to use the patch bay at times, but I’m getting there. I thought about getting the SQ-1, but dished out for the cords to sequence it from my A4 instead. Haven’t gotten around to that quite yet, but it’ll be a good little summer time project.


Funny. Reading the ‘Microbionic’ book (which I think one of you recommended, actually) and they keep talking about how important the original MS-20 was to the early noise/industrial scene.


Not a scene I appreciate enough or know much about. I’ll have to give that a read this summer.

Re: the MS 20…seems like once you start digging deep enough there is a pretty big cult following. But it doesn’t get mentioned like a lot of the other analogs do. For the money, I think it does a lot of bread and butter sounds well and then you’ve got the HP and LP filters…and the LPF resonance breaks up really nicely and there is quite a bit of sweet spot there.


I know I posted this before in this thread, but it was months ago and this thread is reaching 900 posts:

Lo-Fi kitchen jam. Time to make some new ones.


I ripped an audio file out of that with the intention of fucking with it. Still have it in my sample queue. :confused:

EDIT: 'ere we go


Has anyone ever produced anything with the Korg Kaossilator Pro Plus? :djparty:

I have this instrument in my sights, and I wanna hear what people think! :smile_og:


your boy went a lil nuts