Gear Lust Part 7


new trs cable?



Snap! Is that a soundcraft?


close, soundtracs


How are you liking that Minilogue?


honestly, less than i thought i would. still enjoy it cause its the synth i own that feels most like an instrument (1 knob 1 function and lots of them), but it has a distinct kind of tone that i dont think i like that much and it can also click on some patches w shorter attack times. jack of all trades but master of nothing


Been a lil over a month… love it so far.


Are u from the UK?
I met a few of the guys from modal when it used to be modulus. I never really go too into it cos I didn’t really like the interface that much but it sounded amazing.


In fact a well known dubstep producer works for them hah


Nah man I’m in the states…Georgia. I loved how the synth sounded so I took a leap of faith. I’ve got a lot to learn though haha.


They are cracking just had a lot of bugs in the os from what i remember but u can update via ethernet which is cool.


I haven’t had any problems with it yet… gonna knock on wood though. Lol


Niiice, my friend has one on the way. Looks like a killer synth


Wow, I haven’t even heard of those.





There’s downsides with this synth that people seem to have butttt the sound is beautiful. Def check out some demos.




:middle_finger: :middle_finger:

Still haven’t heard of those.


Ordered and shipping on Monday.

Good bye Serato Scratch Live, you outdated beaut.


not for music

would be pretty fun to pull out at a party

and then cut it with the phone >>>

this one is cool tho


just swooped a microkorg for $100 :slight_smile: