Gear Lust Part 7


Lusting for this stand.


What stands are you all using or would you recommend?


Been playing with one for the last few months, find it a bit hard to “get around” but it sounds really nice when you find a sweet spot :):slight_smile:


Yes, yes! For the love of vinyl.



How is the Digitakt?


i used this ikea shoe rack for my CDJs before :badteeth:


Not sure if you’re familiar with him but Thavius Beck (does p cool stuff anyway, worth following on SC) has been posting up his Digitakt jams lately and they sound really good. Really like the 6-4 one.


Cool, thanks! I’ll check him out.


Octatrack Mk2 !!


Goddammit now I’m gonna have to start robbing tourists to buy one :angry:

@kruptah - this looks nice. Nice and pricy.



loads of time spent with it so far and still not making a dent in what I can get out of it.

will go more in depth and post some examples of what ive been doing soon!


Nice one!

I think that I’m going to go for it soon. I might just put it on pre-order from Sweetwater. They’ve been getting some in from Elektron but are going directly to the people that ordered one already.


Such a fun lil jam set up

The microkorg is the best worst sounding synth I’ve used yet hehe


I’ve really been enjoying mine. Great, very immediate instrument. Super deep sound design environment when you start resampling. There are a few bugs but they are getting squashed fast.
Sampling and assigning stuff is super quick. The control all functionality they have brought back from the MachineDrum is my favorite performance scheme ( hold a button and tweak shit, it applies an offset to all the other tracks. When you get somewhere weird/cool sit on it and mute shit for a breakdown then reload the pattern on a downbeat to get back to the saved state).
When you load single cycle waveforms into the sample list, the whole thing becomes a wavetable synth monster. Resample a couple of times with filters, layering and detuning and you have a very powerful synth.
It sounds great and has a fun and very immediate vibe to it. Overbridge isn’t working yet, but when it is, people who need that sort of thing will be very happy with that integration.
I’ve got three tracks on my SoundCloud of single pattern jams I’ve done over the last week or so. Even single patterns have an absurd amount of mileage you can squeeze out of them with the incredibly sophisticated sequencer. Check em out at

The names are pretty on the nose so you won’t miss them😝


Get it!


Should I outright buy a laptop stand and a decksaver dustcover to replace the technics one I broke the other week today or start layaway on a pioneer 2000N2?


@cyclopian @knobgoblin

Gentlemen, I think we’ve found how to port our jams into a live show:

Step 4 indeed… :cornlol:


ya boy is makin bad decisions over here




still the highest bidder on these, jah help me


it looks like a robot knights helmet

black night from monty python