Gear Lust Part 7


That’s what I wuz gonna say but maybe he’s building a soundsystem.

Probably overkill if you are just using it for your home DJ setup. Your neighbors will be pissed unless you live in a house or something.


Yeah, I’m in a house. DJ booth in the basement. Should be alright.



@hubb - nice. Looking fwd to playing with this. Love unique distortions. Also checking out his other plugs… DL’d the Air, Fracture, and Melt vsts too. I think the latter would be pretty cool on a parallel send.

EDIT: oh shit - this is the guy who made Console4, which I’ve also been meaning to fuck with. His freeware plug page is amazing. Also checking out Point, Density, FathomFive, Fireworks Reverb, Ambience, some others…

Since nobody answered my question above... I'm tempted to make a "What Interface Are You Using And What Do You Like/Dislike About It" thread.

I’m feeling the temptation to buy Behringer even though my gut is telling me not to. They get so many positive reviews though… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Otherwise it’s between a 2i4 or UR22 mkII. The PreSonus unit has a nice software bundle but lots of complaints about driver support.


For me PCIE RME Hammerfall, v low latency driver, thumbs up, no dislikes tbh


Yeah, wouldn’t expect many gripes for an RME box. If I had that kind of money to spend it’d be between an RME or UAD setup most likely.


Yeah i still dream of owning a UAD card…mainly for all their lovely sounding vsts which u have to have the card for


Cool. Ive just had it recommended not tried it out yet. I should really be doing a wolfram ting - but my ears are busted :slight_smile:

but this plug seemed cool just reading about it


The SSL channel strip is the bomb.

So is la2a :sunglasses:


I bought a Fireface UC for €250,-. You can get a good deal through facebook groups and
the likes.


I think I’d go for that ep34 tape echo first if i got a card…love the sound of that echoplex

I’ve got the ssl e channel waves version as it goes, got it in one if their sales for a but haven’t used it much yet tho

Edit: just looked again at the uad2 solo pcie card, around 220 quid and it comes bundled with some plugins, one of which is the la2a…time to save up i think lol :thinking: they’ve also got that ep34 on sale atm


damn, i’ve been using a scarlett 2i4 forever cause i just went off specs and it had the lowest THD on paper. maybe time for an upgrade?? i think shit does tend to sound better when i go straight into my monitors rather than through the scarlett…


Yeah, I think overall the Scarletts tick off the most boxes for the most users at this price point. However, the pres (being better on the UR22 mkII than on the Scarlett) keep coming up as a selling point for the UR22 mkII. And this is coming from gear dorks who should know.

Zoom’s UAC-2 is also showing up like Behringer in the “Manufacturer with shitty rep but box has sterling reviews” category. :confused:

Now I’m saying fuck it and looking at the Audient iD14. Costs more and has less features but rates better across the board.


I dream of having a 8 in - 8 out soundcard and a good analog mixer, or otherwise a mixer in which I can plug in some stuff, let’s say an app called Komische on my Android phone, and a couple of noise thingies that I am looking to make out of cheap electrical larts, and plug in a frew tracks from my laptop and send them to weird guitar pedals. As for now I can play around with my cheap analog dj mixer and se what I can come up with.


^ You’ll never get anything decent audiowise out of Android. Too much latency for starters.


I know, but check out the app, It has got some cool randomly generated patches and patterns. Not planning to play it live, just to experiment.


Trust me when I say iOS has free synths that blow that out of the water and that you could play live.


Oh OK :corntard:


this might be a good option for you in the future, it has a 12 channel in/out usb soundcard built in so you can route each channel directly with a DAW.


the problem with behringer isn’t really their hardware imo, its the support and QA (or lack thereof) behind their products. Shitty drivers, bad knobs, etc.

What exactly are you trying to interface btw? Just the Juno or is there more gear lurking around?