Gear Lust Part 7


Yeah, the drivers already came up. Seems like a lot of companies have more issues with drivers than they should.

In addition to the Juno there’s a Korg Poly-800, the guitars/basses I have, a piano, and most importantly mics.

I only have a couple decent mics left and no preamp but a solid DI box (Countryman). Oh and also want to integrate iOS stuff as easily as possible.


Thanks man, I was searching some stuff and come across this one. Not too much money to put in it and it has all the things I need.


bollocks, just found out that UAD have discontinued the Solo AND Duo PCIe cards and now only make the Quad and Octo cards…no plans to replace them either…so much for the relatively cheap entry into the world of UAD :uhhh:


Could you get on eBay secondhand with license transfer for the plugins?


yeah tryna find a stockist who might still have a solo in stock…pretty shit that they’re discontinuing it tho, it’s a massive jump in price to the quad


Maybe it’s windows trying to cut everything down with each addition. Noticed that played a part when trying to install slightly older software a few times. I just run windows 7 instead.


a different idea: if youre not trying to multitrack, maybe a dbx channel strip (or something similar, just mentioned the dbx because its relatively cheap and sounds quite nice) into a very simple but high quality interface, I kind of get the feeling you’d enjoy the channel strip going in. Could probably eek a little more life out of iOS stuff with the strip as well.

mono, but stereo is overrated anyways


damn, that horn is beautiful


That’s a brilliant idea actually. Would cost a bit more - thinking of the Audient entry level interface - but yeah, the possibilities are verrrry interesting.

Also have an old Mackie 1202 I can probably fold into this for even more i/o.

EDIT: :disappointed: the UAD Apollo Twin Solo 2x6 is on sale for $140 off (so $560) rn and I can’t fucking afford it


Got one ov these a couple years back but it wasn’t working, only had it fixed recently and it’s a monster !


wondering if anyone could recommend some good VST’s/Emulators for getting some nice brassy pad noises similar to in this vid at around the 7 mins mark

If anyone knows what Roland synth he’s playing it would be cool to look into that (though I’m sure they are quite pricy now)

Also I’m on the fence about wether to get a new synth or not, I’ve owned a microkorg and a Roland JDXI before and enjoyed both (although I didn’t enjoy the microkorg’s lack of polyphony.) I’ve been looking at the roland GAIA but not sure.



That looks cool, I’ve never seen one of those before.


Can’t quite make out what he’s playing [Roland] but it has to be something made after 1985 or so. It has MIDI.

My old Juno 60 (which does not have MIDI) can do those sounds v well though. I’d look at a Juno emulator, maybe this:

freeware version:


Thanks man!


It’s cool as fuck !

think the guy/company that makes them also make model trains too…



I could get down with that.




For all the Rane owners out there:



Any gear heads know if something like this would work with my saffire? Are the ins and outs usually just 1/4" or rca? Sorry for the noob question Cheers