Gear Lust Part 7


reverb tanks almost always use rca style jacks, you can def use em with your interface with rca to 1/4’ or xlr adapters


Happy days! Cheers for the quick reply gonna have some fun :wink:

You guys know Im soft but this looks interesting to me. Good idea that and has any1 tried something like this where you can eq the transient seperately ?
might be killer for drums


i got this recently which is kinda similar


looks neat.


looks nice, i think “dynamic eq” is the term for this kinda stuff


Looks nice.

I’m dealing with some issues.

First, I need to lube the faders on my Rane mixer as they are all sticky now. Haven’t gotten to that.

Also, Native Instruments stopped supporting the Audio8 soundcard for Windows 10 so my Traktor Scratch Pro is fucked. What’s up with that?

Hardware vs Software…


sort of
you can cut a transient into three: as in attack decay release but then eq those settings differently (hello dynamic) without the phasing/ latency


Roland release Boutique versions of TR-808, SH-101

Miniaturised remakes of the drum machine and mono synth will retail for under $400

The SH-01A and TR-08 are compact, digital versions of the SH-101 mono synth and TR-808 drum machine. Both will retail for US$349 and utilise Roland’s analogue circuit modelling technology, ACB. The TR-08 comes with sub-steps in its 16-step sequencer for creating rolls, while new compressor, pitch, pan and gain controls are available. A USB output can carry 10 separate channels of audio and a trigger output is on board for controlling external instruments. The interface closely follows the original, albeit in miniaturised form, and the knobs have been upgraded compared to earlier Boutique models.

The SH-01A builds on the original SH-101 by adding extra voices. Apart from the original monophonic mode, the new version adds Poly, Unison and Chord modes and up to 64 patterns can now be stored in the internal memory. The Trigger input is retained for interfacing with other hardware, while a CV/Gate output lets you connect with Eurorack modular gear. The LFO gains new waveforms and a wider clock range while an on-board arpeggiator has three playback modes. There is currently no word on a release date.


SP-404 reissue too:

Nowaysj used to swear by his.


It’s a bit different than dynamic eq. Dynamic eq is just like a standard eq, but the gain is automated by the input signal, either boosting or cutting when the signal of that band crosses a threshold. Normal compressor setting such as attack, release, threshold and ratio apply to each band.
Transient designer effects break the signal into transients and sustaining signals. Traditionally, you only have control over the levels of those signals, but some modern interpretations allow you to further process those signals with eq or compression. You can get away with adding an absurd amount of low end and high end to a kick drum to add a lot of impact to the transient, without making the body sound too muddy and bloated.
The two approaches overlap a bit, but have some important differences.



Hits a lot of the sweet spots too. Only things I could ask for (and would be a prick for holding out for) would be USB 3.0 and balanced outs.


I’ve had good luck with PreSonus interfaces. I have a FirePod in my studio which I may need to upgrade soon since firewire is going extinct.


Didn’t even clock that Roland announced the boutique 808 on 808 day.

Well played.


You still have that TR-8? At least that got a firmware upgrade that seems pretty cool and might be useful for your studio.

I’m still trying to decide about that TR-08. It would be fun to have an 808 type machine to jam on. That Mathew Jonson vid with them is pretty nice.


I never got round to getting the TR-8 in the end, so am still with the 707 and 727 in my studio. I still rate the TR-8 in terms of workflow, so hopefully the release of the boutique units might mean a dip in the price on it.


my only bit of machine

that is lying in a box though but just because im lazy


awesome cheers for explanation

seems neat


migth be another next month haha


I fail in this thread.

I’ve just arrived back in the UK, I’m producing again but my K&Ho300’s + Benchmark DAC1 are still in storage.

I’m using just HD600’s and all I want is a saffire 6 usb to plug a mic into (My last saffire is firewire and won’t connect to my macbook)