Gear Lust Part 7


Are those old school k+h300’s or the new Neumann ones?


Old skool dude, I’ve not tried the new ones so no idea the difference. Fingers crossed I don’t blow a driver because I don’t even know if I could replace them!


Those look niice !!!


I’ve got the new ones, very very nice. I think the drivers they are making are compatible with old ones, but you would most likely need to replace them in both to get a good stereo image.


Hahaha for sure! Even if they were the same mine are quite old now so they would probably sound very odd if I switched just one out :grin:

Have you had a chance to listen to the old ones? I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the difference if you have



If only I had a spare six digits laying around…

The console and the Synthi would be my first picks.


All that cool gear, yet all that shit music


idk, im a fan of his stuff personally, never been big on NIN tho

pretty vibey imo

and he lead me onto one of my all time favorite production techniques which is recording chords to each track of a tascam 4 track and playing the chord progressions with the tascam faders, so gut for pads

and this tune demolishes soundsystems


Yeah i was kinda doing it to get a rise out of you or someone else.
Never really heard much NIN though but from what i have i was underwhelmed.
Will check those out though :+1:



Pretty Hate Machine was a cool album back in the day and Broken was good too. Probably long before that dude’s time. :arrow_up:

I was talking about Cortini, but def before that kid above.


I appreciate Alessandro’s solo work much more than NIN, but NIN also has some
great stuff. Mostly instrumental and a lot of it on the Ghosts album (imo).

Currently got bids out on an El Capistan and an Eventide Space. Those will be my first pedals.
Tried the El Capistan two years back and was immediately sold on it. Never had the chance to
play with the Space, but did the sound for some live acts that brought it and I think there’s
very little to complain about. Especially if I can get it for around €300,- :twothumbsup:


i know squarepusher has used that eventide



i took this video in five G, its like a mini synth museum

edit: ugh looking at the map of tokyo makes me wanna go back to Japan so badly


Ah man, it’s reminding me of this place that used to be in Manhattan called Two Lines Music. It was like walking into a synth museum. Pristine examples of all the old Japanese synths, they even had a cs80! It’s where my MS20 came from, unopened in its original box! I still have dreams about the place. The old Japanese man that ran it was great.


I once touched a CS-80.


I have both of them pedals.
The space is cool as fuk with lods of features but i tended to only use the black hole setting.
I use this instead:

So good


I’m not getting a reply so far, so I might look into other reverbs. This looks pretty good and
it’s reasonably priced too!

What are your thoughts on the El Capistan? I loved the sound of it. Currently using Rytm and
Maschine a lot and I really need a good delay. The one on the Rytm kind of sucks and the native one in Maschine as well.