Gear Lust Part 7


Yeah really like the el capistan, the tape age and flutter adjustments are cool for an analogue sound or just turn them right down and it is a solid digital delay.

Have been looking at this but a bit pricey, lots of options:


idk if any other ninjas use tape but these endless loop cassettes are a ton of fun and very useful, cryptic carousel just restocked a small batch (they usually sell out v fast)


This is not the solution I was looking for but someone here would likely dig this. I like the idea anyway.




Oh yeah…


Diving into this fucker. It started life as a $150 iOS app (lmao) and chipped away at the price until it hit $8 or something.

Shit’s pretty crazy to say the least.



That looks like hella fun!


just got some focal spirit pro headphones.

kinda saved up at work +bday mulah but yea they are belting. didnt like them the first time i tried them a few years back but thats just because we had better ones in the studio. for 160 quid these are fucking amazing…

look nice too



Awesome man! I’ve never heard them but I love the sound of their monitors.


In short: NOOOOO!

Sounds tattoos are now a thing and TBH it's pretty dope.

— Mashable (@mashable) 14. maj 2017



Yes! These are great!


While perusing through Tape Op, I see the Warm Audio has released the WA14 condenser mic.

My old roommate lent me an AKG C414 which I used to record a vocalist. Good mic + good singer = good results.

I wonder how this stands up?

I recorded that on an ADAT. :joy:


Oh great, another entry level interface to confuse me further…

But seriously: this one’s made by iZotope so might be iZodope. Battery powered. Seems a little more geared toward traditional guitar-based stuff… no balanced ins.




Have you guys seen the Mod Duo thing?
They just announced full Max/MSP integration. Could be the ultimate one stop shop for live fx processing. Now if only NI would port Reaktor to linux…


That new Roland D-05 is actually sounding pretty nice.


It does, but when I saw the announcement I lol’d. I knew the cheesy 80’s and 90’s digisynths would be back in a wave of nostalgia. TBF, I bet you can go pretty deep with this with a modern sound design aesthetic. I still don’t totally understand the architecture. I know it uses short samples for transient sounds, but is it additive waves for the sustained bits or more single cycle samples used as oscillators? Also seems to include some of the ideas of vector synthesis?

Also, I really really really want to see Roland try and squeeze the JD800 interface into boutique form factor :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve always wanted a JD-800. I remember seeing a D-50 in a pawn shop back in the day but I didn’t jump on it. I really need to pull my JV-1080 and 2080 out of storage. I have those things loaded with expansion cards and they are pad monsters.

Anyways, the D-05 is sounding nice. Nothing has really inspired me to try out the Roland Boutiques, but the D-05 might.