Gear Lust Part 7


This has inspired me to think about grabbing an old kurzweil. Saw a few on reverb today for $400. Those things are the ultimate 90’s digisynths imo.


we got a JD800 when it first came out, it’s a bit meh tbh, millions of sliders but it’s all very digital/quantizy sounding…in contrast I played on the Juno60 a couple weeks back after not touching it for a while and it blew me away tbh, so many ideas came out


Juno-60’s sound so fat. I still have my Juno-106 which was my first synthesizer.


Those Kurzweil’s are nice. My housemate had that K2000. It seemed like a deep synth to program.


d-05 is the first boutique I’m tempted to buy too, turned off by all the others cause of the dumbass ACB shit. will probably get it cause legowelt, nice 1 roland marketing department



for when ur keytar just isnt cutting it anymore


Space cat tb-03 with matching cat head knobs.


Bob Dylans third transform initialisation tool


Holy shit I need that


Catcid :scream_cat:



That’s amazing :heart_eyes: plus the nostalgia factor of having a PSX



oh motjherfuckfucj





Whoa. :popcorn:


Too many solder fumes lol


maybe alex jones’ inclusion into the synth mafia underworld was the first step and now this


It Lead to so many Pblms

(Walks off to find the dad jokes thread)