Gear Lust Part 7



How 'bout a DIY Zardoz mask instead?



I planned to put it off till my late twenties but unfortunately my new place is like a block away from a huge synth n modular store :triumph:


you cant rly be a bargain boy at the same time, i’ve been running into this issue lately

funnily, every time, the more hyped i get on hardware and fully gassed, i get like a reverse swing on my DAW and just make gully stuff out of my frustration of not being woke enough to get frustrated at a big rack of gear


yeah could go as either moondog or zardoz that way


Can someone recommend a Serato DJ Enabled controller?




While the scale is overwhelming, there’s one really clever sequencer idea that you could copy. While there’s just one big array of sliders, Ivy has multiple voices – hence you see more than one light blinking its way across the array. And those voices can be independent, added and removed at will and each with assignable tempo


That’s pretty sweet. My sequencer has this hard wired for one extra voice already, but a friend is helping me build a polyphonic version where that extra “circuitry” is dynamically generated for an arbitrary number of independent voices. I’ve always avoided true polyphony in Reaktor but I’m learning how powerful it can actually be.


Interesting - seems clock/jitter would usually be the biggest single dragon to slay for a homebrew implementation of this kind of thing. But then I’ve met some of your friends. They seem, um, fully up to the task to say the least.


The clock/counting system used to address the arrays of parameters was the biggest hurdle in building the sequencer for scratch. That part will luckily stay the same and monophonic, it’s just changing things on the backend.
Buddy helping out on it teaches Reaktor at CalArts and does those Kandenze Reaktor tutorials, so he is a ninja.


So there’s rumors about Ableton Live 10 being announced in a couple of weeks. Really interested in what the new features are


I really really really hope they finally add a takes feature. It’s really silly at this point that they don’t have this.


dont they already have it? via the ‘scenes’ functionality


Never used it, you’ll have to show me how that works. Can you edit between takes non destructively in the arranger page? In logic and protools you hit a drop down icon to view all the takes graphically and then make your edit just by highlighting the desired regions from each take, it takes care of cross fading automatically too.


Hmm, I barely ever use it myself tbh but by the sound of it, it is much much less functional than the logic and ptools implementation. But yeah, I can show ya next time im over.


Like the playlist function in PT?
I agree, miss this in arranger view, but tbh I imagine they figure people use the loop-view to to this.


Alright, I’m looking to buy myself some new carts or at least 2x styli for my Shure SC35C. I was stupid enough to buy them used for almost the same price for a pair of OM PRO S’s and I didn’t know where to even start looking.

I can buy a pair of Om Pro S on Juno or in my city (in Croatia) for about 55 quid, or I could buy a pair of Shure M35S styli for my SC35C for around 45 quid (I have three carts without the styli haha).

I’m just looking for advice on what to go for. I will wear these out along with my records eventually so sound quality isn’t THAT important (I will buy some more used house / techno records because they are cheaper and slower to learn proper beatmatching with).

Also gonna need a couple of slipmats but gonna buy a couple of generic ones. I’m using Reloop 4000-mk2 turntables, only downside is that the tonearm height isn’t adjustable and I need to seriously clean them…