Gear Lust Part 7



playmobil lol


just came here to repost that :grin:


The video in that (just got around to watching after being prompted by an email from Reverb) is p interesting, esp using a cassette tracker as an instrument…


I’m curious about the new Ableton Live 10 coming out at the beginning of 2018.


I’ve already decided that I’m going to get the Arturia MiniLab MKII midi controller. I’ve been using my little Akai LPK when producing on my laptop. I have the Arturia V Collection already and this should pair up nicely with that software. I just got an email from Arturia today announcing that they have a limited edition black version.


I got an email today from Sweetwater saying that they finally have the Elektron Digitakt in stock.

So tempted.

@butter_man how have you been getting on with yours?


prob the best thing I’ve heard from a 404 and its unplugged :badteeth:


i use mine inside its box as a table


its brilliant. fun to use, can get crazy flow+dj’ish about production. loads of opps to fuck about and create madness. my only beef is still waiting for overbridge but… well worth it



Riddle me this:

Why is it that pretty much everywhere else RME is ranked as one of the best entry-level audio interfaces you can buy - pre’s, drivers, etc. - and yet the Babyface has such shitty Amazon ratings? Competitors trying to slag, or… ?

EDIT: same thing with the UAD Apollo :lol_og:

FFS. Buying an interface is harder than raising a child almost.


I see only two 1-star reviews

“Had a lot of problems, including too much noise level. RME tech support was not responsive or helpful. Besides, I was not a fan of the interface design, so I returned it to Amazon and replaced it with amazing Roland UA-S10 Super UA which I love.”

“The item received, first of all, wasn’t even a pro. It was a 2 year old previous model.
So it was used, damaged, with screws loose, and no cables to attach it. Returned immediately.”

Looks like faulty products


you thinking about going light pipe?


Get a 2nd hand Fireface UC or 400 man. Just yesterday I saw a 400 going for €450.
They are worth it.


Anyone tried the Roland se 02?


Not sure: if it were between USB2 and LP then it would tip towards the latter, but USB3 would make me reconsider. Still thinking about the Audient + channel strip approach too.


— Old Grande (@6rande) 12. november 2017
is this not pretty much how a new synth makes a person feel ?


bring this on stage


You should all be heating on wood haha, at least that’s the way it’s done in the Balkans. Just did two days of chopping wood and stuff, found a nice piece of wood and I’m gonna sample it haha…


The Arturia MiniLab MKII arrived on Friday. I’m liking it so far. I laid down a drum track with the pads. The keys feel nice. Arturia has been building some good hardware these last couple of years.


Just found this and I really want it.

PreSonus FaderPort 8

It sucks becuase as I have just gone back to Uni all of my hardware is currently in my parents attic. :disappointed_relieved: I don’t even have room for my midi stuff here. All I have is my monitors. I might just be able to fit this though.

There seems to be some people who know some stuff around here so…What do you guys think about it?