Gear Lust Part 7


mmm I’ve never used a fader controller like this but think it could be really cool for workflow. Sorry I don’t have anything more useful to add :slight_smile:



Mate I have collected too much equipment that is just sitting here collecting dust. Thinking about it I’m giving my Korg Volca Sample to my nephew for Christmas. I don’t give stuff like that out to just anyone :slightly_smiling_face:! But we have to start the kids off early! This could be the seed that starts everything!

I love the white design and feel bad just giving it away!

This could be something that really adds to my workflow. I would love to have something like this for adjusting sends and volume levels by small amounts. I hate using a mouse for it becuase I always skip over the value I want a few times before I get it right.


jesus christ



Open to commentary from those who know more, and there’s a lot of ya-

In the process of shopping for an interface I keep seeing bits about driver support kind sucking on PreSonus boxes, like it takes them a while to catch up with new OS updates. That’s been a big deal for me - iOS opened my eyes to the error of trusting that firmware will just work when you need it to (har har). This advice is also platform agnostic atm afaik.

Between that and quality of mic pres I keep winding up with boxes I can’t really afford but appear to be the only survivors, like RME.


Yeah I have seen that with PreSonus gear.

The thing is you are just setting up a soundcard at the end of the day. I have heard of gear having trouble talking to different DAWs but not the OS. Unless a new OS just came out. But then again I don’t know much about Mac, I’m a windows guy.

What are you recording? How meany inputs?

I know how you feel about needing gear that’s outside of your price range. A £3,000 Compressor would change my life but I will never have one. So I need to save more or just make do.


Maybe just get a focusrite and buy a tube mic pre?


Get a Fireface already ya dingbat. Just found an 800 for €550,-. They’re not that expensive.
Only a bit more than the big Focusshites.


really: get a proper RME. (eg: ucx) i know it’s an expensive thing - but it will be at your side forever. and if you need more i/o you can just chain it with another rme.

  • regular updates
  • no problems with future OS / windows versions.
  • top converters
  • total mix software. it’s your in-the-box mixer and it’s so good. you can basically route anything very easely.
  • USB 3 compatibility

i had 4 different cheap interfaces before and they all suddenly stopped working because of OS update or they were poor quality (things get broken, lots of latency etc.)


tempted seeing them that cheap, but i’m on a windows laptop and afaik theres no firewire to usb 3.0 solutions. but maybe i could do a pci-e firewire card -> pci-e to usb 3.0 adapter? latency probably sucks but idc


why do you need usb 3.0 invovled?

just a firewire pci-e card to the 800 should work fine


laptop, i guess i could fix my old desktop that’s been sitting around for 2 years with a dead psu


of course… sorry misread that haha


Yeah, keep coming back to RME just for the futureproofing aspect. It’ll just work ffe. I only wanna buy this shit once in the next half-decade at least and decade at best.

Cyc had a great suggestion to do a basic interface with a channel strip, like a Babyface or Roland UA and then something with decent i/o for my purposes.

For UCX money I’m almost in range of Antelope Audio and other true pro shit but that’s not to rule it out. Class A converters…


The U’s all have USB compatibility. 2.0 and 3.0.


Ay Ninja’s,

Seeking advice on weighing the pro’s and con’s of purchasing one brand new Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 versus enrolling in TEFL through U of T in preparation of moving abroad in 2019 to teach English.

This comes to light in lieu of recent financial gain, just enough for a CDJ-2000NXS2 before tax.


got an entirely new setup doing chrimbo


CDJ no. 2 arrived today.


You bought the Nexus 2’s?