Gear Lust Part 7




Sick. Great machines. Quite an improvement upon the older Nexus line and I don’t
even care about FLAC or the extra hot cues.


Great machine indeed and the ability to play FLAC is key imo.


Will be doing some renovations in the coming weeks and building a booth for my gear.

Been eyeing up these cdj stands:

Will be dope af having them elevated about the turntables.

Can anyone recommend other quality cdj’s stands that aren’t as expensive?


Oh fuuuuuuuck


i don’t need these at all, as i already have a pair of monitors and no room, but 50 percent off…

we’ve thought about making a small studio with a few friends, maybe they would be good for that (mostly DJing)


These are great for the price. I recommend these to people who don’t really do any studio
work but want to get Rokits for some reason.


my friend just bought one, I’m excited to check it out


Oh shit yeah. Invite me along as well purty please. :badteeth:


Kinda wish I went for the volca units rather than an Electribe now this has been released.


OMFG. I need a few of these…


whoa, yeah if the software is solid those things would be a came changer for ya.


Sad thing is, Jeff and I have been talking for a year or two about trying to work out how to do this, could have missed a great opportunity :money_mouth_face:


Its hard to believe that it hasnt already been done before tbh. (maybe it has, I’ve never looked into it as I have no need at the moment)

Are you at NAMM this year btw?


Thought about it to hang out with the Elektron crew, but nah, I’ve been too many times. If I were local still I would, but its not worth the trek from here. Pretty sure Elektron is revealing their next gizmo tomorrow morning though :exploding_head:


I shouldn’t even be entertaining the idea.


fuk that looks nice, and i just bought two fx modules last night




I was already thinking about a Moog Mother 32 and then I was like what if I mount it in a Eurorack case? Then Arturia releases this:


That looks dope!

How are Ranes these days now that they have a new owner?