Gear Lust Part 7


I would personally go with this case instead, 1u row on the top is actually super useful and handy. Plus you wouldn’t have any HP taken up by the powersupply. Doesn’t seem much more expensive than the arturia racks

but more importantly, I recommend staying far away from eurorack lol


why tf do they think they keep needing to put speakers on everything

they sound like dogshit, just wasting resources and space inside the device to justify a higher pricepoint


That 1u row would be pretty cool.



Erica synths has some cool new stuff as well. I just bought a Black Hole DSP and they announced a new version :alpaca:


YeaaaaaSsss. And btw shipping now too. They just released this one with no warning whatsoever.


How much is it?


Haven’t gotten my hands on one made under InMusic, and I’ve been reading differing opinions on the matter. Really need to give one a spin.


$760 (i think)


I kinda want all the folktek stuff, def enjoy the added mini breadboard patch bays just to add another layer of confusion to eurorack






Wow, Rane released a turntable.


That 72 though.


a turntable that doesnt play records :hmm:


Oh shit, it’s just a controller!


Yeah, that’s a nice mixer. $1899 though.


if you don’t stop this shit you’re gonna make me start a rack goddamn


digitone is cool but could easily be $500, it’s a fucking digital box with a couple of ins and outs. price point must’ve worked for the digitakt

Roland did really well with the se-02 at 500 for a 3 osc analog. the knobs felt cheap as hell tho (banged up in store model?), so I suspect they cut some corners on the hardware (whereas the sh and d-05 digitals at 350 feel really solid)


Elektron gear always looks a little strange WRT price/features ratio. The thing with their stuff is that it’s the “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” thing. Everything is just really well thought out and integrated. Premium stuff for sure, but I don’t think its outlandish like most Moog or Buchla. They are well built machines and stand the test of time for touring/gigging. Very solid metal cases and nice feeling encoders and buttons. Screens on the new ones readable from any angle, and the new backlit buttons are ace when performing in the dark.


digging this jam