Gear Lust Part 7


yeah i bet its still worth it, im just a broke boy who wants to bitch lol

the dream of an octatrack sequencing my samplers is always in the back of my mind


Yeah, it doesn’t help that I have this pic as my splash screen on my laptop:


my mate has the erebus dreadbox and fuk that thing sounds good, really gully lil single voice ‘modular’ option imo, would take it over the mother 32 any day.

also that’s gotta be one of the best cable holders i’ve seen yet


i’ll sell you mine in a few months once my family and friends hold an intervention for me


desperation + m8 rates :grimacing:



Haha that reminded me of going to see Ceephax live a few years back. The combination of him
jumping around and making that music right there on a club system really creates a unique

First time I’ve seen that How To video with Legowelt, but it doesn’t surprise me that my way
of working is similar to his. Been a fan of his music ever since I heard the beautifully titled
Amiga Railroad Adventures for the first time. Which I just realized, is about 8 years ago.





Ceephax is the sweetest guy too. Really just into any rave and concerts and travelling and all that, he even brought a cake and made coffee for everyone like a mum or something.


Oh man, this video has got me so pumped for this thing



you dont have one of those already? thought it was a p standard bit of gear for most producers


Should be standard on all mixers tbf :lol_og:


Is that available as a VST? :corntard:




lurking muffwiggler


i get worried when about to put the mouse in another usb port
but look at that thing



Anyone got their hands on the Behringer model d yet?