Gear Lust Part 7


I haven’t tried the Model D yet, but I got my hands on a Behringer DeepMind 12 a couple of days ago at Guitar Center.

It sounded really good.


im shocked that behringer hasnt been sued by moog over that one yet haha

it seems really great for the price though tbh


I said the same thing lol… my homie ordered one but his is backordered till may…at 300 what’s to lose lmao. Yt demos sound good.


The patents apparently expired as the technology that was used for the MiniMoogs is over 40 years old.


Both my old Rokit 5 just died on me this morning

Need suggestions on new good monitors to buy???


IP is still protected outside of patents though


Looks interesting.


heard some good stuff about jbl lsr305 and they’re being heavily discounted recently


whoa really cheap tbh
im looking too

my … lol… ‘soundkings’ are battered

sometimes they show only the price of one monitor which is so ridiculous but not this time


The lsr305’s are great value imo. I don’t have them, but I’ve heard them.


I’ve used the lsr305s for the past few years, they are really pleasant to work with, they have p decent low end as well but the accuracy is not great below 100hz or so. Still totally workable tho. Prob gonna keep them even after I get my APS Klasik’s delivered this weekend since I know them so well by now.

got myself a new keyboard as well, finally ditching the massive one taking up too much desk space


Nice been thinking about getting the Klasik too. Let me know how you like them. Scanning gearslutz I’ve only seen one issue and that’s when playing them at a higher volume.


Will do! And what issue are you talking about? Don’t think I’ve heard about any playback issues myself


Saying that when u playing them at louder volumes the woofer distorts. I’m in a small room so it’s not really a big issue for me. Other than that I’ve heard nothing but praise.


Got a link? Curious to read the original post, ‘loud volume’ means a vastly different thing to different people haha, also curioius to see if the poster talks about their audio chain at all, clipping could be coming from some where in the chain if you’re really trying to push the spls hah.

but like you, I dont have a very big room and I personally find my mixes come out wayyy better when the monitors are at a more moderate volume.


Bout to message you.


I put in a pre-order for the Behringer Model D last night so that I could maybe test it out next year.


Haven’t been tempted to buy a sample pack in quite a while.


sample from the youtube vid :wink:


Just take convolution impulses off the vid lol.

Actually… :thinking: brb