Gear Lust Part 7


think youd enjoy these weird bits here


Digitakt now has a compressor


Haven’t updated mine yet, but from the demos I think it’s the best compressor they’ve made yet, even better than the analog one built into the RYTM


I’m still running 1.06 but I’m getting on this soon as, side chain compression>>>

eds. switched it on last night and its 1.04 lollol


The Strymon Magneto

lots of short demos in this playlist

such an insanely versatile module, its pretty big HP-wise and expensive, but im really tempted to pull the trigger and sell a few modules that I dont really use.



WOw that looks amazing. Love the El Capistan and this just looks like the same
thing but with 4 heads that you can manipulate individually.


and of course, my tax refund check just came in the mail today…

so tempted


I was very intrigued when I first heard about this.


yeah man, they demo’d a prototype a few years ago that sounded amazing but lacked the cv control. Pretty damn awesome they actually held off and really made this thing next level by working out all the CV side of things instead of just releasing a euro format ‘guitar pedal’.


What do you guys think about the Behringer 808?

My Boog is still on backorder.


def interested, individual outs :slight_smile:


this is p cool too


That is what I was thinking.


Why does Roland keep dropping the ball? The coolest thing that they have done recently are the System 500 Eurorack modules.


i dunno but i was lusting after a set of their turntables and their mixer the other day

i don’t know why…i already have 1210s and a rane ttm54i, and an a&h xone 32…and i don’t like the design much on these rolands, but i do want to try them out. they’re pretty cheap though so they’re probably shit.


+/- 10


i think they are just re-skinned chinese shit iirc


i like the layout on the mixer tbh
speaking of extra pitch, i lent my vestax to a mate years ago. need to get that shit back.


funnily, the layout reminds me of old vestax scratch/battle mixers with that open crossfader, im sure its the same feeling youre havin

id grab an ecler nuo if i was going for that vibe tho, layout b2b sound quality on point


they’re both mixers i’ve always wanted. nearly bought the nuo 2 years ago but my mate gave up djing so i got his ttm54i for £150 instead.

vestax mixers are a bit shit though tbh. think i’ve had 3 of them over the years and they’ve always felt a bit tacky.
my brother has this one which is sick but mainly cos of the EQ faders. much prefer them to knobs.