Gear Lust Part 7


omg, seeing that mixer gives me some ptsd flashbacks of showing up to one of my first club gigs ever and using that mixer. Was not a good set for me haha


finally found a good deal on a Mutable Instruments Clouds, excited to get this in the rack


oh man




holy fuck, this dute’s studio tho lol


Haha so nice. Maybe you know this, but that’s not Albert’s studio. It’s like this project studio that’s designed for people to experiment with elektro acoustic music. Sound design and composition students pass through there a lot. They have a whole other room with musical synthesizer equipment too. Fact kind of presented this as the guy’s modular, but it’s kind of like the Radiophonic Workshop without all the tape machines.


AH cool thanks for letting me know. Makes sense. That’s an awesome set up. I was surprised to see those tascam mixers in there as well.


Yeah man. Amazing studio. He is really lucky to do this residency there.
I’d be interested to see some videos of the other room too.


Man, a little rig with a PO-32 and PO-33 and maybe some fx sounds like a dope miniature hardware setup…


Get yourself one of these, dude. You need it to be all battery powered.


This arrived last Monday and I’ve been messin’ around.

Already started two new tunes with it.

It does sound really good. I have not had a monophonic synth with three oscillators before.

It is a nice deal for $300 bucks.

I have a Moog Slim Phatty that I want to test some sounds against. I sort of feel that the Moog has some richer harmonics going on but I’m not sure.

Nonetheless, the Boog is sounding great.


Enjoying my boog also…really hard to beat the price.


not sure if gear lust or gaming thread




Oh man, I just bought a Zoom MS-70CDR. I’ve been wanting a multi effects pedal for my synths but didn’t really want to pay hundreds for an Eventide or a Strymon. These were sounding too good!

I have an old Zoom effects module that was my secret weapon for years so I believe in these guys.


maaaan alive, i’d hide my ipod in here and have the dopest live rig


Have always wanted.