Gear Lust Part 7



I’m especially interested in the transient handling claims made for 'em.

The technique used by most home builders is to stretch it over a frame with a bicycle inner tube around its edge, and then to inflate the tube which draws the film taut.

That’s genius!


Rack is now full. The Motu interface is sounding great as well. Trying to wrap my head around the routing software now. Seems well designed but a lot to learn.

Will prob end up ditching the dbx for a compressor with more character someday


How do you like those EQ’s?


I like them a lot so far but im really still in the early days of learning how to get the most out of them.

To be honest they’ve gotten the most use so far just spicing up drum stems. Just a little high end boost, cutting some of the lower mids and a little low end push. Really nice combo with that modded Teac summing mixer also in the rack for a quick jaunt out of the computer and straight back in just to add some vibez to the signal.

With the new interface I can route things in a much better way out of the DAW, looking fwd to experimenting more with that soon. Gonna try to do more of a proper mixdown session with the summing mixer over the weekend and see how that turns out. Will have the EQ’s on the mixbus out of the summing mixer going directly back into the daw so I can compare a digital mix with the outboard mix.


Received this effects unit last week. It sounds really nice! You can chain up to six different effects.




Yo, CDJ DeeJay’s. What USB’s are you lot using? Need to get some larger capacity and extra rugged ones. Thought I’d ask here.



sounds really good actually, some company needs to let him design a synth already

am radio as noise source is cool, someone should do a eurorack of that (edit: nvm already exists lol)


It does, can’t say that it sounds like any other synth I’ve ever heard. Would noodle on that fucker for days.


Received this bad boy in the mail today:


What are you going to do with it?


replace it with an ilok


5 pounds


Looking at some Genelec 8240’s later today. 6.5" woofer, apparently the bass response on
these is excellent for a small room.


found a link for some used ones from 2008 - but still a 1100 pounds here

++ fact of being a cheap sunnova


Yeah that’s close to the average price I think. They we’re around €1000 a piece new.
This guy is selling them for quite a bit less though, otherwise I wouldn’t even go to have
a look/listen :badteeth:

They would pair well with the fireface UC that I bought for €250 hueheueh.



The other ones I’ve used like Kingston have been complete sheit.


Bought these. Setting them up now, they are heavy af.