Gear Lust Part 7


Got these and they are so nice, def heavy as fuk. Reaches those lower frequencies nicely considering


Speaker buds… hoch funf! How long have you had them for? The low end is great, the guy who sold them to me was right when he said I wouldn’t need the sub.

I’m blown away by these… not literally yet as I can’t play them loud right now, but the clarity
is amazing. I’ve put off buying proper monitors for far too long, but I’m glad I got some good ones


According to this thread since Feb last year.

Just reading through it i was talking about getting some Rokits then was convinced not to and around post 25 to 30 i found them online and bought them. I think @swerver reccomended Genelecs.
Got them purely based on them lower freqs so i don’t need a sub!


You can always get a Genelec sub too if you need lower freqs :astonished: my foot/mac pro in there for scale…


Someone else pulled the trigger on the sub before I could, but I think I’m good like this. Lumidee sounds pretty heavy already. Got a small 2.1 setup next to the Genelecs, in case I want some bad but loud sub. I could have gotten the sub and the two 8240’s for €900 though.

Are you buying stuff at Bax shop and having it shipped to the UK? I’ve got a box with cables and small bits on the way now.


Nah i got my 8040A genelecs free from my old work, they were broken internally but had them repaired by an authorised genelec repair centre, so they’re good as new now. That sub isn’t mine, it’s from one of the 5.1 theatres in my new work place, if I used that sub at home on my setup I’d probably get evicted lol, I’ve had to set the bass to it’s lowest setting on my 8040As just to get the frequency response sounding right in the space they’re currently in, absolutely no need for a sub lol


Ah you got a good deal with that one!

I didn’t change the low end on the back. Only did the desktop adjustment (-6 @ 160hz, q is not specified). I have this dsp version though, so I guess I could try to find a GLM kit that’s still supported. Would be excellent if I can borrow it or something.


The repairs weren’t cheap, but still a lot cheaper than new ones tho lol


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Looking at these Mackie’s:

Anyone ever use them and can sum up their sound for me?

Also, the Yamaha 8” reference monitor is in the same price range with a lot more reviews:

Which would be the better option for a bedroom dj?

Both are overkill, I know.


I had the 824s, they were great, nice clean sound and weighty af. The Yamahas are notoriously flat sounding, which is great for studio reference, but not so good for bedroom DJ setup


heeeey all, long time no post on my part. This is fragments if anyone remembers me, been a fair few years. Couldn’t be bothered to sort out what ancient ass email address I signed up with so just made a new one with the moniker I’ve been using, been playing out a few gigs and headlined my own stage at a small hippie fest that don’t normally have DJs at it. Turned out to be a success as the festival owners asked us back.

Anyway, I digress. I’ve just invested in a set of Pioneer XDJ 700s and Xone 23 DJ mixer. Pretty excited as I’ve just been getting by on a Kontrol Z1 and Traktor. A bunch of local DJs convinced me that the 700’s where the cheapest, modular option that would get me trained to use the more standard Pioneer CDJs. Picked the A&H Xone 23 as the mixer layout reminded me a bit of the Z1 (which I actually like mixing on, but there is no way to manually beat match really).


Was kind of expecting a question or at least an outrageous statement :badteeth:

Welcome back man. Let us know how you get on with those xdj 700’s will you?
Was thinking about getting the 1000’s myself at some point. I think I wouldn’t like the
smaller platter on the 700’s, but it’s probably just something you get used to.


tbh, this is the only thread where I thought someone would remember me after having a quick look about the forum lol…so just kinda dove in headfirst.

outrageous statement: I totally liquidated my studio again and went back to software for production and am loving it.

I’ll report back about the 700s for sure. I’ve only got cursory experience mixing with vinyl and none with CDJs, its been all controllers for me. I was concerned about the small platter as it was noted in almost all the reviews, but for myself I’ve got no expectations or former experience so I figured I wouldn’t know what I was missing.

Thought about waiting for the new Traktor S4 MK3 or one of the Pioneer all-in-ones, but it all felt like a cross grade.


Anyone one played with a TR8S?


No, but I have been cautiously eyeing it.


Looks like itd be great for live…improv…storing some stripped back techno or house grooves to blend into a live set.


behringer 808 clone seems like a better option tbh

so hyped they are doing a 909 as well…


I was actually thinking that for the price of the TR-8S you could buy both the Behringer 808 and 909 probably. I was just watching a bit of the TR-8S video and one thing that caught my ear is that you can use it as a soundcard and output your DAW through its outputs which is really cool.

Also, you can load your own samples into it.