Gear Lust Part 7


how much is the tr8s?

I dont think theres been any official word on the behringer but i’ve heard $300-400.


They are going for $699 on Sweetwater.


ah yeah, you’re right then, could prob grab the 808 and 909 for just about the same. Luckily, I dont really have space for any new gear at the moment


I’d add 100 ducats and go for a 2nd hand Elektron at that price point. They completely lost
me with the old tr8.

I’ll probably buy the Behringer 909 clone at some point. It looks good.


I’ve owned a few Elektrons and never found them hard to wrap my head around. I was fair at manipulating a loop, recording a live take for a production etc. But for fully live I found them a little complicated. The TR-8S looks way simpler to me. I asked around with a few Digitakt owners and they mostly (to my surprise) pushed me towards the TR-8S.


I’m still fascinated by the Octatrack workflow. If I had a bunch of extra cash would definitely pick one up.


Hm maybe for live even though the performance mode on analog machines is the boobs.
I don’t really like how you can mute and perf at the same time, but I guess in a live situation
I would just route each voice individually to the mixer.

I don’t think I’ll need anything drums wise besides my rytm any time soon. It does everything I want it to do better than I expected.


Do you mean the performance macros on the analog machines? I had an Analog 4, I’m trying to remember performance mode. I mostly a sequencing guy though so.


Yeah you assign one of the 12 pads to a function and it’s velocity sensitive, so for example
the harder you press it, the more signal from that channel goes through the delay. You can
assign any parameter to a pad though and the same goes for the LFO per voice.

The best parts of any Analog unit are the sound and the sequencer though. Parameter lock
is just amazing.


Ah right, I forgot the Rytm had the pads with all the performance stuff. Gotcha. I do remember seeing some vids of people doing some wild stuff like that. I’m just looking to keep some stripped down 4x4 grooves on a decent drum machine with some of my own samples. I mean, I’m sure if I bought it I’d also use it for production, because why not. I had a TR-8 as well and got on with it.


That is interesting because I have still been thinking of getting a Digitakt.


When I asked them I was very specific that I’d owned Elektrons and was wary of using the Digitakt in a fully live situation. And what I wanted to get out of either the Digi or TR8s. Given different parameters, I’m sure most of them would’ve suggested the Digi. I admit on paper it looks like probably one of the cooler machines Elektron has come up with.

edit: also the Digitone…simplified FM synthesis in an Elektron groove box??? holy balls yes please.


Welcome back fam


Oh I forgot the other ones don’t have the pads :badteeth: That completely changes the way perf
mode works really. I used the tr-8 a couple times when I had to rent it for different live acts,
it was way too limited for my taste. I get why people prefer it live though, everything is right there
under your fingers.


I’ve had my xdj 700s for about 9 months. My first set of decks so I can’t give a comparison to cdj900/2k but I have no complaints. Solid piece of gear so far.


I’m coming from almost exclusively using controllers to mix, I’ve played around on turntables and CDJs in the past and been able to bumble through goofing around at someone’s house, so I can’t say much about how these are compared to vinyl or cdj.

I had the XDJ 700s talking to each other and mixing songs in minutes. I had pre loaded Pioneer’s Rekordbox software and prepped a a USB drive a few days ago. But goddamn Pioneer…I see very clearly why they are the only name in the game really. I thought the platters felt super cheap at first but they are a real joy to use. To me, coming from a controller with no platters these are great size wise though many reviewers preferred the larger ones on the Pioneer CDJs.

Touch screen is responsive enough for playing about with hot cues live. The library structure and the way it suggests tracks based on key and bpm is awesome (again, I’m coming from Traktor, and it feels much easier to navigate playlists/libraries on the 700s.

Blown away by the Pioneer +A&H combo is flat out beautiful on sound quality. Cant wait for an excuse to hook them up to my PA. Traktor controller sound card is pretty weak in comparison. Mediocre.

Id highly recommend this combo over a top line controller for anyone looking to play proper gigs. I had been thinking of getting the new Pioneer all in one that is coming out, but I’m glad I got impatient and spent more money lmao.

Practice at home and walk into the booth w a USB drive and it just loads up all your shit like you like it with your tunes…fucking crazy.

PS: I already want a third deck and am defo hooking up my turntable even thought its a cheap as shit belt drive Stanton…


Mackie has a rebate going on till December, $125 CAD instant rebate on purchase of Mackie monitors.

Perfect for me who will be buying a pair shortly and anyone else in the market for some monitors.


Get em cheap before Trump’s trade war fucks up the Shenzhen Connection for audio gear…


Trump is trying to fuck up all of that.


Well I can safely say the new DJ setup is the best grar money Ive ever spent. Pioneer is slick as baby shit.

Trying not to think about additional purchases. Been looking at the RMX 1000 and 500. I see them on a lot o festival setups…the 1000 mostly…they seem kinda cheesey to me though. Thinking a interesting looper KP3 or Boss Rc 202 might be more useful.