Gear Lust Part 7


Ergh for fuk sakes


HiFI culture is so fucking weird. My dad’s friend has an amazing vinyl set up. Goes to crazy lengths in pursuit of sound. He has a fucking vacuum chamber that he puts his records in for some number of minutes before he plays them and some weird lube for the needle. I finally convinced him a few years ago that he should integrate a computer into his setup for high quality digital formats. He got good converters and preamps and all the typical BS you expect, but is absolutely convinced that some fancy power cable was really the magical ingredient to make his computer sound “more analog, man.”

I had an electrician doing some wiring for us in our tracking studio who told me that if your hifi cables ever touched the ground they were ruined. He was promptly fired. Had to hire another guy to fix his mistakes.


there is audio fiends who pay car prizes for gold cables and chrystal cables

but a poorly encoded mp3 with youtube compression can sound as good

its cool


When my mom was a kid in Chicago, they had an elderly neighbor who had clothespins pinched on to all her power cords to “save juice.”



an electrician should be the last person to fall for that kind of shit


Unless they’re shilling for add-on fees…



a granular convolver sounds like something only a noise artist or a brostep artist that’s watched youtube tutorials for more time than he’s been alive would even know about lol




Decent or nah?


grabbed a new monitor controller, really happy to not have to deal with my failing Mackie Big Knob anymore


No shame son, happens with age. They have pills for it now.



I got rid of that knob long ago



Aw jeez

“For females…”



Nooïs! Dangerous make some good stuff.
Friend of mine had this nice setup with that d box summer/controller.


I was looking at those as well, funnily/luckily the Dangerous Source had exactly the features I needed (some of which are absent on the D Box) and was half the price ($1400 vs $700) of D-box, win win.

I do wish the Source had a desktop remote like the Dangerous Monitor ST tho, but can’t have everything. Might just use the source in its desktop form instead of in my rack to keep everything in hand’s reach.


It looks pretty much the same as a ring mod really

Also making it hardware is just unnecessary!


Yeah I wouldn’t rack mount it either. Unless you have like a tabletop rack situation.


yeah defo, I def want to build a desk with some rack space up top in the future, but for now its just gonna go on the desk, luckily the used one I bought comes with both faceplates