Gear Lust Part 7


this is pretty cool too, I didnt realize Ernestus was involved in Zahl. Would love to have a few Zahl channel strips in the future. And that CV control…


Convolution and granular have nothing to do with ring mod, not even close sonically. Hardware because lots of people don’t like using laptops live, especially acoustic performers


From Wikipedia:

Multiplication [of multiple inputs ala ring mod] in the time domain is the same as convolution in the frequency domain

They are of course not the same, but there are similarities. I meant that they interact together and I while I know they aren’t the exact same thing I could probably get somewhat similar results…


Multiplying two audio signals is a far cry from breaking those signals down into its component spectral parts and multiplying those. A vocoder is closer to convolution in concept in that it is applying the spectral signature of one sound to the spectral dynamics of another sound. Audibly though, ring mod and convolution have very different results. But this device also does granular processing, and both from a live input, in a small stage friendly format


this is the gear lust thred ya tnuc :triumph:


Just got a shitty radio with speakers, as my sis is moving house, actually country haha. Gonna try and test it properly tomorrow to see how far I can push it sub and volume wise lol, could be better than my shit PC speakers…


Can anyone recommend a simple 2 channel (min) audio recorder with balanced line inputs? Been looking at the Tascam DR40 but not 100% sure it does exactly what i want…which is mainly to record mixes from my decks/mixer.

Would be nice for it also to be a field recorder with built in mics, but the main requirement is the mix recorder thing


Roland R-05 or 07 are really popular among foley and sound fx guys (if you’re not springing for super high end like Marantz, although I see they have something that fits the bill for $250.)

I also know two very happy Zoom owners, but don’t know what model(s).


I’ve been thinking about getting a Zoom H6 for awhile now. That or the H5 will do what you need it to do.


Lol sorry okay okay… I’ll get on that vibe then!

The amp to rule them all!

200w each into 8ohms continuous, at clipping point
Pure Class A, Triode front end All hand wired point to point
Freq response 20hz-20kHz -1dB 8v

I am actually thinking of ultimately building a tri-amped sound system




@swerver I’ve recorded a lot of stuff with these types of handheld recorders.
Honestly the ones that I’ve had problems with the most are the Tascam DR40 and the Zoom H1.

I’ve always used an ls-11 with mini-jack input. If you cut the power, it actually still saves your recording, without batteries :badteeth: I’d go with the Zoom H4n though. It has nice trs-xlr combi inputs and you can record 4 tracks simultaneously.

What’s very good about the DR40 is that you can opt for a safety recording straight out of the box. So you record your mix on 1-2, but simultaneously it records it on 3-4 but at -12dB or whatever.


What’s wrong with the DR40?


cheers bro, I went for the DR40 in the end, it was only 130 quid which is pretty good compared with the alternatives - what problems have you had with the DR40 out of interest?


I couldn’t say but I had this one promoter at my old job who would bring it and there was
always some issue. Might have been operator errors though or a faulty unit.

What I don’t like is that it doesn’t have a dedicated dc input. It needs bus power over USB so you can use an adapter for that but the one that I always worked with would still assume you were trying to do data transfer sometimes.

The safety track thing is really nice though. In clubs you sometimes record straight from the rec out on the dj mixer and 75% of the time some dj will find a way to overload the input on your recorder. It’s a good device generally, especially for 130 squid.


Yeah the lack of DC power was slightly off-putting for me, but for the price and convenience I can live with AA batteries lol.

I read about the safety track in the manual and that does look pretty useful, the mixer levels always seem to get pushed up as the night goes on, so will probably be a useful feature for me


Deffo always use that safety track on 3-4. I lost a couple good sets when promoters or dj’s insisted on having the recorder in the booth. Worst one was this 3 hour Helena Hauff mix with a lot of post-punk and synth wave stuff.

I’d try powering it over usb though, with the same type of adapter that you’d use for a phone.
It should work fine really. I work in a place with a fair amount of wireless mic usage now and the amount of double A’s I go through is astounding. The planet probably hates my guts now.


yeah I think I will use USB power just from a mains plug not from a computer - like a phone charger, that would work right?

Edit: u already answered that lol


might as well use this thread.

my mixer (old pioneer djm-500) has this issue where it can only give a mono output. more specifically, can’t hear shit from the left channel. so mono works still, but if I turn it on stereo, the other channel is muted. where to begin fixing this? I’ve tried googling and everything but I can’t find even like a suitable tech forum to post a question. the company that imports pioneer products and does maintenance in finland only focuses on car hifi although doubt they’d be interested in repairing an old ass dj mixer any case


I have the DR100mk2 and it has DC input. Might be worth looking on Ebay for one?
EDIT: @swerver didn’t realise you had already purchased the DR40