Gear Lust Part 7


I presume you’ve swapped cables around and narrowed it down to the actual channel - on the outputs AND on the inputs feeding this channel?

The mixer probably has more than 1 pair of outputs too, have you tried using different outputs?


yeah already copped the DR40, i’m an impatient tnuc lol, it’ll do the job just fine


I don’t understand the latter part of your question. the outputs and inputs? but yes I’ve narrowed it down it’s the left one

mixer has master output as well as something called monitor booth, they both have the same problem


so youre absolutely sure its not the cables?

I havent used a djm500 in a long time but I think there was a switch above the monitor volume knob on the left side of the mixer to select mono or stereo monitoring. Is that selected by chance?


do master outs 2 (xlr) and and 3 (1/4") work?


yeah the cables are pristine. I’ve even tried two different sets of cables because I bought the new speakers which require XLR. and yeah the problem is I can only hear both speakers when mono is selected. when I set the switch to stereo I can only hear right speaker. and of course when its set on mono the output is just that.

the problem is the same with all outputs


edit nvm


What’s wrong with the DR40? spa


what is plugged in to the inputs on your mixer? Decks? CDJs?


technics decks


OK so on the back of the mixer you have:

2 decks attached to (for example) phono in 1 L + R and phono in 2 L + R RCA inputs

Master out L + R and monitor out L + R RCA outputs

On the front of the mixer you have:

Master output stereo/mono switch and a monitor out stereo/mono switch.

Where do the RCA cables from the mixer outputs go? (just need to get the whole picture)


they go to my monitors


OK so they’re powered monitors right?

Do you only hear the sound in one speaker?

edit: sorry you already answered that, so when the switches are in the stereo position and you can only hear the right speaker, if you swap the speaker output cables on the mixer outputs does the sound move to the left speaker or stay with the right speaker? Try this on both the master and monitor outputs


I think I answered that already earlier. but to clarify, yes the sound moves to the left if I switch cable positions and issue is same for both outputs. this is what made me think it’s a channel issue in the first place

btw thenks brather 4 trying to troubleshoot


no worries, what happens if you completely swap the speaker cables (i.e. not just on the back of the mixer but also on the back of the speakers) so that the cable feeding the L speaker is now feeding the R speaker and vice versa? Does the signal stay with the right speaker or move to the left speaker?


I’ll try that later today and report back to u


so if when you’re playing a stereo signal and you’re only getting output to the Right monitor for example, then you completely swap the speaker cables around, if the signal then moves to only the Left monitor then one of your speaker cables is bad. If the signal stays with the Right monitor after swapping the cables then it sounds like it might be a problem with the mixer


lol just realised Im actually just now working on my computer with the monitors set up to my soundcard using the same cables. they work perfectly, so obvs its the mixer


ah that sucks, i was hoping it would be a cable. The only other thing you could try is testing with different inputs on the mixer - like line inputs or different phono inputs to see if the problem is the same with those inputs, or just with the phono inputs you’re currently using


that’s a good idea. I’ll try it, but it’s pretty much useless because the phono inputs are the ones I need