Gear Lust Part 7


its just a dsp based effects unit i guess, no real ‘name’ for it.

there are certainly vst’s that sound just as good (and better) but i dont think there are any that sound like the Black Hole directly, esp since the algorithms are set up to be controlled with CV and two knobs. The sweet spots on the sounds from the black hole are designed to be very very wide since the controls are relatively limited compared a vst.

With a vst you’d have to dial it in pretty carefully and maybe use another vst after it to really get it sounding similar. Doable, and worth doing. But its def a fun privilege to have in it a little CV controlled unit.

This guy makes a wicked fx module using the same audio chip as the black hole as well, programming is a lot more wild tho. I want one, but they are hard to find


and to keep things slightly on topic, Erica’s ‘techno system’ is dummy, that drum sequencer hnggg. Proper lust on my end

3:22 :gunfinger:


fukken ell that is sweet


Just get one of these and I’ll give you my Reaktor sequencers


I’m gettin’ by on my intellijel µMIDI 1U so far, but fuck some of the expert sleepers stuff is def lust worthy, def the sort of stuff that would push you into full on frankenstein evil genius in the studio vibes with the integration haha

I really need to experiment with sending CV out of my audio interface direct into the modular tho, good way to virtually expand my modular by 100x. The intellijel midi to cv i have is good for what it is, solid and simple but I feel like im missing some potential interaction with its pretty straightforward outputs

Are you doing that with reaktor? Last time I saw your (insane) reaktor setup in person it was purely in the box, have you messed around with running cv out to your modular? or are you using a midi to cv module?

also, am i wrong in thinking that I can use the outputs on my audio interface to send CV from a soft modular to the actual modular? guessing i might need to amp the interface ‘cv’ to ‘louder’ levels before it hits the eurorack though?


I have not heard of an audio interface that can send CV.


i’ve listened to cv and its just like clicking sounds in audio form, seems like you’d be able to reverse that and send the clicks out via your daw if youre using the right VST to output the sound/CV


These guys are talking about Expert Sleepers too.


I wonder if there is a vst to get the right voltages yet?


i know expert sleepers made Silent Way ages back to get CV into the computer, surely it can go both ways?


for some reason I thought VCV rack could output CV over interface outputs… (maybe it can?)

I need to look into this more obviously, but i thought it was a thing already

looking there is a reason I might ‘need’ to buy expert sleeper’s $300 module now tho, I thought it was more simple than this hah


doing some quick reading on it now and it seems like you need a ‘dc coupled’ interface to get a powerful enough cv signal out of the interface to really work with the voltages required by euro


Fwiw there’s cheap iOS stuff that does CV as well (Audulus is probably the best/most useful).


I think all Motu interfaces are capable of passing DC. It used to be a design flaw that people discovered and Motu started marketing it as a feature. They had/have a cv generating plugin called Volta that was pretty sick. Silent way is another plugin for CV generation.

@cyclopian: I’ve sent triggers out from my interface from my Reaktor setup to the modular just fine, and I use a vermona quad midi-CV interface for pitch stuff. I have an old Motu that I want to use just for cv, and I know there are Reaktor blocks for automatically scaling and calibrating your CV’s and VCO’s, but I haven’t dug into it yet. Expert Sleeper also made a Reaktor block for their converters, think they may have made something for VCV.


oh awesome, def gonna look into this more.

I’ve got a Motu interface as well :slight_smile:


@knobgoblin I found a really good deal on an Octatrack Mk1

are there enough big differences between the MK1 and 2 that make buying the mk1 in 2019 a bad idea?

I was about to pull the trigger on a mk2, but this deal on mk1 is quite appealing.


i need to grab a used ipad someday soon to try some of these apps b2b my interface has a fully fledged touch interface for the internal mixing and routing as well when you use an ipad to connect to it over wifi


Not much difference, I’d say go for the cheap mkI


cheers man, $700 for the mk1 makes the 1400 for the mk2’s cool aesthetic change a lot less appealing

edit: sorta worried about any buttons breaking tho and needing repairs down the line… maybe i should just grab the mk2 with its warranty etc, I heard the mk1s of all elektrons had some sorta finicky button problems, i know you’ve beaten your mk1s to death, any of this something i should worry about?

sry to @ you again, but made an edit question haha @knobgoblin


Honestly my mkI is built like a tank. Gigged many many times in some less than ideal conditions (out in the desert when a sandstorm decides to kick up, or in the forest with drizzle under a tarp) and it keeps on kicking. In fact last time I played my OT got knocked off a table before the show. I was gutted, thought for sure it would be dead and I wouldn’t be able to play. Turned it on and after acting like it had a concussion for a minute it sorted itself out and I could play. So I’d say they are pretty solid :cowboy_hat_face:

Also, Elektron stocks parts to keep servicing the mkI’s for quite a while, wouldn’t worry about that