Glassy/Weightless Grime

so if people wanna post other weird synthy shit that’s even further from grime but might work well with this stuff in a mix i’d be really interested


Two essentials:

I like how SRA takes trap tropes and completely shifts it to something much more than grime. Check out Tom E. Vercetti’s forthcoming EP on Coyote Records also, it’ll have stuff similar to all of this.


I can’t imagine this stuff to age well.

its not cheese and wine


I read an interview with someone who said the only stuff that ages well is the stuff packed with drums. Thats why tribal shit is still banging hundreds/ thousands of years later

I think it was pinch who said that. or he said something similar and I agreed. don’t agree on the tribal stuff though haha.

I’m liking the MssingNo EP.

i think murlo did some stuff with a female vocalist recently check his soundcloud

The Mssingno EP defintely aged well out of all the tracks in this thread. It’s still causing waves even after it released a year and a half ago.

Mssingno EP is stil pretty fresh(i discouvered it late)

the person who saod Rabits stuff might not be for a dance, are you mad:

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gonna trawl through these when I’m not in the library.

Wiley Devil Mixes must have been influential on a lot of these producers.

Forgot about those Last Japan vocal tunes, that mixtape is so so good.


sounds fucking horrible imo but w/e i think that’s kinda the audience for this stuff anyway

always said i’d be cool to get the wiley/zomby shit back but now that it’s here i p much dislike it. i mean besides some logos, visionist, rabit, yamaneko and last japan tunes, i think this shit kinda falls flat. especially when paired up with bait rnb vox and 2nd rate trap beats

Logos discusses escaping gravity, Different Circles and the weightless sound -

More weightless discussion/mixes here, here and here.


Is this weightless? It packs tons of weight. Possibly an unpopular opinion, but this is the best ‘nu grime’ tune Keysound have released so far. I love playing this out.


ignore whatever dumbass title i made tbh jrkhands tune’s a perfect vibe for this thread, i haven’t followed what logos and mumdance have said about titling their music weightless, but i thought it summed up the kind of musical feeling i get from these synth heavy tunes

jamie vex’d gets on this tip in a new mix 'ere

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Jamie Vex’d is a demigod.