Glassy/Weightless Grime


The penultimate tune in this mix is fucking sick. Really really enjoyed his album so looking forward to more material from him

Last Japan carrying on the Coyote residency on 1xtra tonight too for the ‘Ascend’ premiere w/ AJ Tracey :wolf:


LTHL / District Sound doing bits


That MissingNo remix is amazing!


which one?




Can’t wait to hear the Silk Road Assassins remix & Impey remix of that track too. Coyote’s on a roll this year. Deadcell’s gonna be maximum peakness.


Who’s on Boxed Birthday next week?


Heard both the remixes at Coyote in Bristol on Saturday night.
The Impey one is HUGE from what I can remember - 3 wheel up ting.
SRA one is top as always, standard SRA material


New one off Radar show from me too, sorry for self promo, starts off 130 / Bass / club style but gets into glassy stuff towards the end - some exclusives in there, including that new Last Japan + AJ Tracey on Coyote !



Odeko - A History with Samus
Out April 29th on Gobstopper. Really excited for these tracks, been on my radar for a while and this guy is making waves. Iglew EP up next after this one.


Love this tune. Feels like it belongs in this thread as well, then again I’m new to the whole genre so feel free to correct me if it doesn’t.


yeah belongs here, was a free download too before it got released.


anyone happen to have dl it then? pm a link


Heat fire flames


Trust - p sure Odeko came from the same course + uni that Silk Road Assassins did - I know they are p good mates IRL. Had the pleasure w/ supporting him on a few nights, real nice dude - this EP is gonna do v well been waiting for it for ages


Rip from new producer Vio_l3t

big SRA vibes on this 1


swear this was one of the first tracks that got me into this sound, didn’t really do too much to the original but still, love this one


out today - no laughing matter


yh that is good. out to the glassy uk trap mandem lmao