Glassy/Weightless Grime


free mssingno

not 320 but w/e


hope this isn’t true, favourite producer of Nu Grime


think it is you know, he’s changed his soundcloud name but it’s definitely him cause i’d messaged him under ‘myth’ and in my messages box it’s changed to this:


he retired over 10 years ago? wow.


zomby just dropped this for free on his twitter

it’s kool




arts a bit weird on this right

so tam any ideas for the cover art

yeah u know that decadent sex party in eyes wide shut, can i have stewart little attending that party/ a very similar event

uhhhh suuure yeah w/e tam

tunes r nice




The EP reminds me of Just a Lil from DJJ. That tune honestly revitalized my love for house and showed me not all straight house music is boring.

Next release on Local Action will be a return from a familiar name from the label collabing with another familiar name on the instrumental grime scene.


Glacial Sound is back as Glacial Industries. First release from them is a 6-track debut from v1984.


this is odd

went way under my radar, like rapid getting more trap and autotune than i figured would work but i’m really feeling it

posting here rather than old school figured it might be a bit controversial


yeah was feeling “Original” too, rest of it is okay.

#542 just seen this.


Mu doing a few bits

Silk Road Assassins & Sami Baha were two of the most interesting producers in this trap/grime crossover, they did well to snap a big release off both


might have been posted already but still is sick


Not sure about the artwork but will give this a listen later


The Phantasm is strong with this one. Not sure on this but most likely a reference to '00s Memphis rap where the sample was used a bunch of times. Good use regardless.


No I wont haha no previews.

There is one here tho


yeah been streaming cyro on apple musioc for the last week or two, hyped for the rest.

was surprised it got made avail without any news bout it


previews of all tunes here: