Glassy/Weightless Grime


I enjoyed the EP man from what I listened to, dropped feedback on SC.

Here is my latest tune, on a wavy tip


Bless, thank you! And it’s coming up saying track not found?


Yeah sorry man, here’s that track plus another, enjoy.


V1984 - Pansori EP. Been waiting for this one to drop since January. Too Much is finally getting released as an instrumental. Out May 5th.


Most recent Radar Radio show from the deep web hit squad with an Odeko guest mix. Really surprised how often they do this on a regular basis. They’re really straying away from just trap / hip hop based beats when they hop on the airwaves. This show has a lot of ambient / techno / and some electro bangers in there as well. Odeko’s mix is entirely this + some Hessle Audio type bassbin bangers from 2012. These guys really know their music history and their mixes really show that they’re more than just your average soundcloud rap producer.


Earth Body - debut album from Deadboy. Out May 19th on Local Action.

They released 3 albums last year, they got another three this year, including the Jayhood album they released a month ago, this one, and someone from Erskine Lynas, dunno who that one is yet.


deadboy’s really been doing whatever’s hot at a given time, but still good. starting from funky and moving on through jungle and garage and house to weightless


Man whenever I read about Deadboy I wonder how Deadbeat wound up doing grime. :roll_eyes: Stupid me.

I bought Deadboy’s record on Numbers, Blaquewerk, a few years back; it’s okay.


Mr. Mitch’s second album Devout is coming out this Friday. Really good stuff. Considering how influential his work is on the " glassy / weightless grime" scene (for the lack of better phrases), this deserves a huge signal boost.


that one huge warehouse garage bit is an utter stomper



That’s not a remix of Hercules, it’s just a blend of Hercules and Last Japan - Gaza.


5tarb01 on a 140 tip, vvvv wild


sharing some stuff from the label
a lot of releases to come this year, new artists and new vibes
GOB021: Odeko
GOB022: Tarquin


oiiiii @uk_blind :wink:


This mix is a fucking smasher

Also new 12" on Gobstopper announced -
Lloyd SB - 8ths & 16ths / Princess Anna



Silk Road Assassins back on Radar Radio.


less grimey, But vibes