Glassy/Weightless Grime


Didn’t see the track title. Why you gettin’ technical/why you gettin’ het up.


idk really I just got annoyed of your comment sorry for that. I tend to get extremely annoyed by random inane stuff


@MasterA SRA’s remix of Ascend shows that they still have talent to make grime heaters. However, they’re really multi-genre producers with their main focus being on 120-bpm ish trap instrumentals. Besides making rap beats, they also made hip hop tracks that sound like half time drum and bass, pretty sure they made a straight up jungle track, and some afaik they’ve been working on dancehall-esque tracks. They’ve never been applicable to be pigeonholed to genres cause of how unique they are (I guess that’s the main gist of what I’m trying to say). They’re tied to the grime scene but completely leftfield of it.


yo, finally have news on this one, dropping 3rd march b/w grime and garage heaters from charlux, fresh paul and j-one:

cheers :slight_smile:



Deep web killers back at it again.

Also at the same time Odeko was playing a 2 hour set at Rinse FM for Gobstopper. Both shows are full heaters.





Oiiii this track is a stomper. Can’t wait to see Vio_L3T’s debut EP on Coyote Records releasing this summer :slight_smile:


yeah man did u see the video of it absolutely murking The Alibi on Saturday??? it’s on tomas/coyote’s twitter somewhere

did so much damage - 3 rewinds!!


Yeah I saw that footage, crazy. Swear Coyote is just releasing straight bangers that have had at least one reload in the dance.

They’re also announcing another release next week. Don’t know who it is but I have a couple of guesses:

-Marks, that one guy who remixed Spokes’s Flight on COY014 (probably the most likeliest)

-Lovedr0id debut EP? Wild guess…

or maybe you who knows :wink:


yhhhhh it was so sick! I know Vio_l3t from college so i’m so gassed for him

Yeah next one is soon, it’s not Marks I know that much, but he is on his way - it’s defo not me either lolol

Lovedr0id EP would be amazing, there’s an instrumental from him in the most recent rinse podcast and it BANGS, unfortunately it’s not him either - u’ll have to wait and see! haha


Damn, gutted that it’s not any of them, swear at least one of them would’ve been it.

Also at what time is that new lovedr0id track on the Rinse show? Haven’t heard any solo material from him since No Sushi Beat which was like, in 2013.


15:20 - super hard


don’t know what it’s called tho sorry


That track is a banger. Really hoping for solo material to release from the assassins after their album.

However, since it’s neither u, nor Lovedr0id, nor Marks, but it mentioned a debut from an old time friend… :hmm: was about to say Chemist but I guess it’s not him. Yeah I’m pretty stumped on this haha.


damn, this whole mix :gunfinger:


Anybody got an id on track 6:20??


I’ve just finished a new EP. Had that weightless vibe in my head whilst working on it. Be interested to know what you lot think of it.


Forever - Hymn EP [COY016]

This is one of the sickest things I’ve heard this year. Unfortunately RSD is fucking everything up so this one’s releasing April 28th :disappointed:

Also, Crazylegs just put out an EP from Sega Bodega a couple weeks ago. Even though they were silent for most of 2016 they’re really reinventing themselves right now.