Good New Pop Music

Post new pop tracks that you’re feeling

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i guess u deleted that out of shame but i would honestly be on a pc music thread, was enjoying some last week, there’s some good ones where they restrain their urge to be as irritating as possible

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haha no shame at all, just thought it might not be the right thread in the end. would like a PC Music thread to be going on, just don’t want it to turn into another argument about them

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I’ve been on a k- and j-pop vibe.

^ flagged

kinda quirky vocals but been been feeling this track recently

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Don’t pretend you didn’t like it.

New The Go! Team album Is really poppy and good

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Not really pop music…but it seems like it should be played on pop radio. Really good considering im not a fan of this trap style.

terrible m8

is Sia counted as pop? I like her songs. :neutral_face:

This is big!

Middle bit where it goes all dirge-y and the lyrics got a bit more nonsensical reminds me of Beck’s first album.

I quite enjoyed that.

banger imo, would play out

Not digging the new singles but the first album was fire!

Sounds like PC music for people whose labels impose restrictions.

Sorry to dissonant but this is SynthPop.

I know you’re GFOTY’s no.1 fan!

Nah fam, Disclosure is synth pop.

Disclosure is clearly deep house!