Gourmet Beats [Joe Nice]

Not much to say, cop it.


from fb:

With each release, GourmetBeats will make a financial contribution to a charity or social cause in the name of the artist. The chosen charity for this inaugural release is Little Kids Rock. This charity funds lasting musical education programs in United States public schools by donating instruments, providing curricular resources, and training faculty. For more info, visit: http://www.littlekidsrock.org/about/what-we-do/

50/50 on this

Audio here:

No quite as mad as I expected tbh, Swazi sounds decent enough and Drumma aint bad either but not like instacop stuff

swazi doesn’t sound as groundbreaking on it’s own as it did in Joe’s mixes, I will say. i guess that makes it a great record for mixing with though? i wish i could find a youtube clip of it in a mix… maybe i’ll just upload the clip i have in my itunes to show you what i mean.

drumma is a solid b-side imo. not gonna go down in history but will be a nice tune to come back to every once in a while.

was still instacop for myself.

edit - ok here’s a clip (which anyone could download straight from his July 2014 mix i should add):

Joe is almost always like +3/4% on his turntables too. Might be why it sounds a bit different to you as well

what dubstep dj isn’t though.
everybody produce all their tunes at 145 please; it makes a world of a difference.

Fuck, forgot how good this tune is

Probably gonna be the only one who says it idk I find the Malleus - Mutations track a bit shit…I bet if I made it, people would say it is shit just like if I made Gantz - Spry Sinister, people would say it is shit.

I quite like Swazi Rhythm, Mesck - Dead Language, Subtle Mind - Te Vas and the Jack Sparrow Spry Sinister remix

You don’t 'alf come out with some shit sometimes.

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Mate let’s be completely honest here, it’s not that good.

Rising, the b-side is at least thousands of times better than Spry Sinister and Jack Sparrow’s remix completely decimates the original.

That’s fine, have an opinion on the tune… you were implying people only like it because it’s Gantz/deep medi which is bollocks.

centipede i guarantee you if you made that track, and sent it out to the right people you might not get overnight hype like an established artist but it would absolutely not go unnoticed. from a production standpoint it’s simple, sure, but from a composition standpoint that song is absolutely rugged. it has a very distinct energy and that’s not from the samples not being quantized.

getting back on topic here i felt like this release was just something joe promised himself he’d do first and foremost based on personal/dancefloor love for these tunes. doesn’t even remotely come close to rivet/melon for me, those tunes told a story.

high hopes for this label. already wondering what next release will be.

There are a lot of people who like a tune just because it pertains to certain artist…i.e. Mala for example. Now I’m not saying everyone does, but there are a number of people who do.

One of my favourite djg tunes :heart:

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Ah the ‘I could’ve made that’ chestnut. Nooo you couldn’t.


Technically I never said I could make it.

I know, but the sentiment is the same. It is a meaningless line of thought that pops up throughout art.

Let’s use the wilson logic shall we?

A customer dislikes the lamb shank in a restaurant because it’s a bit bland or something and signals to the waiter and along comes the waiter, to which the customer complains and states if he made a lamb shank like that, his small little restaurant would probably go bankrupt, obviously we know this customer doesn’t actually have or work in a restaurant,…the waiter angrily says “are you a chef?! are you?! no?! well then shut the fuck up and eat it like you could do any better, don’t criticise what you can’t make!”

A second scenario, a customer loves the beef wellington and wants to tell the waiter how great it is, the customer states how much he loved it and how he could never make one that good, to which the waiter responds with, “you have a great taste in food and you obviously know great food when you see it.”

What have we learned today? Your opinion is only valid if either 1. Someone else agrees with your tastes 2. If it is a contradiction to your beliefs, their opinion is invalid 3. If it is a negative critique, if you can’t make it yourself, you have no right to criticise.

with the exception that you didn’t order the Gantz tune and then were disappointed with the outcome.

“If I made it people would call it shit” isn’t an opinion.