Gourmet Beats [Joe Nice]

Well technically my then gf got it for me as a late christmas present.

And @Muncey, if we twist the words; I am technically saying as an opinion, it’s a bit shit.

Technically you was chatting shit.


So just say you don’t like it!

I simply found it a bit off that you were pushing your opinion as if it reflected a wider consensus.

You’re fighting shadows man.

If you dont like it fine but jheez no need to bang on about it :cornlol:

Actually everyone else kept bringing up what I said. And @Muncey whatever you say.

But you know it’s true that’s there’s people who will say anything made by Mala is a masterpiece.

This reminds me; whenever I see a really awful flick I try to think about the fact this movie is at least one person’s favourite piece of art ever.

i prefer spry sinister so much more and i am completely honest, even instead of the sparrow remix. i dont know man, its stupid to say something is generally ‘better’. you can feel like that, thats all.
besides you might wanna look out for a big sound system, listen to the tunes you are talking about here and then see what you think about them…

you are an absolute spenglord


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Yeah I mean if you like it that’s great- doesn’t bother me, just not for me tbh. Apparently the sound system changed a lot of people’s opinion on Rufage, although I always liked it.


We waited 9 days for this…

Gourmetbeats001 available to order at Intense Records. Link hereunder:

Also check out our website for all the latest dubstep releases!

Use Promo code ‘dubstep2015’ for 10% off your order…

Intense Records

I hope Subtle Mind - Te Vas gets released on gourmet beats in the future

That Mallues remix of that Moonstones track is nice


fill spectre live atm, if anyones reading this and wants info on gourmet beats stuff joes giving a lot away haha
might hear some of my dubs in there too so this is also a shameless plug :stuck_out_tongue:

1 BigUp

Moonstones - Mutations EP up for preorder at your favourite outlets…eg


You need to listen to this https://m.soundcloud.com/joenicedj/joenice_may_2016_subfm_soundcloud

some Bad Kids that Malleus & Saule, feels like iv been waitin a year for this plate


06 is pretty diffrent to what i expected.

05 is a banger tho, rate the malleus one with the long ass name.