Gourmet Beats [Joe Nice]


did a review of 005, got 006 too and ye it is quite different but definitely fresh as fuck
really liking the label and hows it progressing

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Great review, and great insight into the bullshit that’s been distracting us from the good tunes that have been coming out!! :smiley:

thanks man, i thought it was a good opportunity to touch on that stuff without bringing more attention to it with a full article or something :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to the Inyoka and LA EP plates especially. GB picking up the slack in the scene currently :gunfinger:


Saule - Kalakuta is a banger! One of the few dubstep tracks I’ve bought in recent weeks. That snare!

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Been listening to all the radio shows on his website recently. Great to listen to on the bus and stuff. Also get a bit of comedy with his talking. Love it.


Really though, proud of my buddies Oxossi and Introspekt for getting picked up by Joe, great guys and great producers! :corndance:

Apparently Titus 12 - Drifter Dub is forthcoming gourmet beats 012…

And apparently inyoka echidna and the VIP are coming on gourmetbeats 009

12 lol Jesus he is firing them out like mad.
Titus stuff is proper wonky

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And Kill The King on the flip iirc

ah not heard that one, will have to go look it up

Rinsed the fuck out of GMB 2016 05/10 show too good

oh shit, took me a long time to get around to listening to the may mix but towards the end he said they’re gonna release te vas, such a percy!


joe nice is like that though…i remember in the lost dubs show 2007 he said he was going to start a record label to release all the old bits. joe just wants us to enjoy all the tunes like he can, hence that’s why he’s called joe nice.


Video of Gourmet Beats on Sub FM.

Recording is from May 10th: https://chew.tv/subfm/gourmet-beats-show-with-joe-nice-10th-may-2016?station=beSEGZ
Audio: https://www.mixcloud.com/JoeNiceDJ/gourmetbeats-subfm-Jun-2016/


Sick ep, definitely buying this one

Big bad show this month. Shout out @Cheyne_Taylor_Bush and Headland on ‘Crossed Out’!


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Yeah really good show this month. enjoyed it a lot. Big up @Cheyne_Taylor_Bush on both the tunes on there, both sick.

That Malleus tune at the end is heavy as hell too. To Kiss the Witch’s Flesh.

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