Graphic Art & Design (Album Art, Design Projects, Jobs, etc.)

Easy guys

Basically just needing a heads up if you’re a graphic designer or know of anybody, as a new label we’ve found it hard to find talented, interesting designers.

We’re working with a few but we want a few designers to bounce from for each release, generate different ideas etc

So if you’re a graphic designer/know of anybody that deserves a nod just post below and we’ll check them out.

We only release on vinyl so it’s the idea of having maximum impact design wise within that little space!

Thanks guys

Does it pay? (asking on behalf of someone who is more than qualified)

Oh yeah we pay, everybody has to eat so we got no problems with paying


Cool, drop us a PM and Ill link you up :raised_hands:

can’t recommend j decker enough! It looks he is rebuilding his portfolio on his website, but if you have facebook, a bunch of his stuff is posted there. :smile:

PM’d you about the designer, will give J Decker a look on his facebook

We pay up to £120 per design

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here’s a portfolio of my stuff:



Have a look through my portfolio here:

Facebook page:

I have a competitive pricing structure in place and can also provide you with a free quote.

you still need an artist? pm

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Hi in case my portfolio here

check this guy out, his stuff is fresh

some of my work too

Hey! I’m new here.
I work as an illustrator/tattooist and can render my artworks on the computer too.
you can check some work out here ( )
If anyone is after some original/different artwork i’m open for commission work.
pm me.

Some nice work

Might as well plug my brothers page here.

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Can anyone in here recommend a good photoshop substitute I can actually buy and not rent?

there really isn’t one. GIMP isn’t purchasable cos it’s free, and it’s not on the same level as photoshop anyway.

there’s a newish ting called Affinity Photo, which is buyable, but it’s mac only and i’ve not used it. heard good things though.

is it maybe possible to cop an old second hand version of photoshop or something? i find the newest photoshops horrible tbh. all about photoshop 7 or cs5.1 if you really want to push the boat out.

Affinity seems good, I’m gonna give the free trial a shout. Very good price though, will probably cop when it’s done.
Yeah, I really fuck with CS5 the most too. Most of the newer stuff I’ve seen reeks of clunk.

This still needed?

why u wanna photoshop? I thot everything was done in photoshop the first place but as I looked in to it I realized most illustrations such as posters, artwork etc are done in vectors using for example adobe illustrator, that’s where I’m most comfortable working myself. people commonly use photoshop for drawing shit and well, shopping photos

was gonna offer my services here but it looks like there are some die hard pros up in this bih

but just for laughs, this is my “portfolio” btw, bear in mind I just started out and a complete noob/beginner. not even reaching out to the label here anymore, just for the rest of you guys