Graphic Art & Design (Album Art, Design Projects, Jobs, etc.)



It’s more fun than anything for me. If the right artist asked for one of my photos or graphics* pro bono - even wanted to help in the design - I’m totally into that.

I mean, imagine being the guy who photocopied the astronomy textbook or whatever that Joy Division got their famous logo from - how cool would that be? :smile_cat:


I can make pictures of horses in paint if you like


Looking for a graphic designer for work on a logo and formatting. Must be professional, and we are also willing to pay.



Hello Nathan,

I am Graphic and video animator and i help you, What basically you are looking for, i can provide logo design service, video animation, the stationary design you can reach me at @Logoglaze.


ur website still has timely christmas graphics up lol


Hey guys,
i also am dipl. designer / illustrator / artist and might have some free time.
Check out some work by myself here




rendered out a widescreen wallpaper earlier for myself, figured someone else might enjoy it


Please support me on kickstarter to make this a real synth, the FUGG MK-1

Man making this was fun, going to turn the front into a flat image and try to make a working VST


still doing weird things with spheres