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Bounce that out to a VHS and back, then you got proper vibez.


Sick track!

Like, what the fuck. Amiga 500.

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fuckk, thats one of the best demos ive ever seen let alone it being made on an amiga <3

those lightning animations :face_holding_back_tears:

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Resubbed to photoshop to make a few bits. Might do a few sample packs but for textures.
They seem pretty popular rn


I been sending Kromestar :clown_face: clown emojis just about every opportunity I’ve gotten to communicate to the guy.

Why you been calling him a clown?

In a nutshell it’s because I’m aware of the difference between being mean and joking thru the internet.



why the clown emoji tho? that’s the literally universal emoji for calling someone an idiot


maybe he’ll give you another cool nickname like ‘rando’

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any ninja wants Final Cut Pro for free? The standard demo from the Apple site gives u 90 days free and then locks you out. Until you accidentally paste this into the terminal

 mv -v ~/Library/Application\ Support/.ffuserdata ~/.Trash 

90 day reset! enjoy

not sure why some dumb old bbcode made that ‘mv’ bit blue lol


So basically just delete .ffuserdata from that dir? Seems suspiciously easy

yeh it’s absurd isn’t it

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when I worked for Autodesk I often had to remotely log in to customer’s machines to fix stuff, sometimes would find like serial number generators for our products, and the og adobe hacks in /etc/hosts was common lol


Made this music video to accompany Adder’s “tree.wav” song.

The music video combines global videos and images of trees (both real and digitally sourced) alongside generative graphics created using Processing 3 and TouchDesigner. These visuals are also stitched together with 35mm photography, motion graphics effects, and artificial light leaks, blurring together the experiences of objective reality with our uniquely curated digital journey.

yo @topmo3 (and any dudes in the know)

you use wordpress right?

Is elementor a good product or is it just a dumbed down website designer that integrates well with wordpress?

if it is shit, how else do you design in wordpress. Any youtube search you do for wordpress tutorials just seem to be clickbaity ‘how to make a site in an hour’ shit. I want to understand how you fundamentally design websites using wordpress and what software to use.

atm i just know how to go into the basic admin / site editor that you can get to in your browser via your website. surely people aren’t designing full websites in that lol

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Squarespace is the new thing, most have moved away from Wordpress. Or so I heard.

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nah i think squarespace and wix and theres a few others are just quick online website builders, you dont have full control is like an open source website software with thousands of plug ins and cool shit that the community have made and added to, so you can go really deep under the hood

i think lol could be totally wrong

there’s also which is like squarespace and wix but for wordpress

again could be totally wrong haha literally had like a days experience

Heard WP is slow and clunky now.

elementor is very good, I have used it previously and the free version is more than enough for basic stuff, although the license isn’t too much either.

what sort of stuff you need it for? if you just need to make something simple just use google sites, because it’s free and secure. for wordpress remember that it’s always best to host on wordpress itself because then you don’t have to worry about security and maintenance that much.

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