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I’m talking about SAVING work on their servers.
You’ve already said IF they implemented a system of capturing screenshots of work in progress. So they don’t have that active rn. I’ve already said if they did I’d be pissed about it if they did that.

Wholesale art thievery for training AI is very uncool

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my guy has never shuddered at the word ‘pipeline’ before and bless him for it

goes to a server you don’t own

like blur effect - we’ll have that back in a moment sir, just offline processing and saving a copy for later use…


Fair enough, i know more about how it works now.
I didn’t think they’d have capacity to save and store every iteration of every image for their own personal use ? Work in progress is transient.


dont try to deflect on me, everyone here already knows im a dumbass


You’re not a dumbass.
But you have been argumentative recently.


i find this interesting

instead of an Occam’s razor understanding there is still an end user blame for the tech

pretty much all X-as-a-service/subscription models can fuck with features and versions and there’s nothing users can do. And pretty much everything passes through their servers for myriad reasons, some possibly just invented as an excuse for them to have stuff pass through their servers…
if you can clean-cut your works in progress and start fresh on an open-source platform I’d suggest doing it sooner rather than later, a lot easier said than done for a studio with dozens of ongoing projects/support for legacy clients. Or find an old CS crack and choose your own adventure to get it running (I’m gona upgrade my old MBP RAM soon so PS/AI keeps running smooth on that cos I can’t get it running on my M1/Parallels etc)

loving your DA stuff btw bro


Who have I blamed for what?
I asked Lloyd a quesiton so I can

sorry, i think you might be understanding the word blame in my sentence as a moral one but i mean it in a difference sense of the word i.e placing significant importance or control on or giving control to

What would be the benefit of that, other than not feeding the Adobe monster?

You’d still haver the issue of there being no way to keep ones work out of the hands of the corporate that owns the server (Soundcloud, Instagram, Google Drive et al) other than saving everything locally and having no online presence.

I’ve toyed with this idea ever since CC dropped. Used to have a sweet verson of CS6(?) running like melted butter

Ah okay, got it.
But no, I realise the corporations have me over a barrel.
The illusion of choice and control.

Do I even like what I like?

i think this is where the indifference (or conditioned apathy) and actual knowledge can have a more interesting intersection than just, if it is online is owned by the major corps.

The internet is a wild place and it is actually still free-ish for now, maybe not much longer but it goes well beyond the big corps still

But that’s what we’ve been discussing - Adobe’s change in T&Cs to say they own your ass

i dont think we’ve been discussing that honestly

Well it’s where we started many moons and miles ago :lol_og:

i still disagree

if you can work offline on buy-to-own software you have no worries. Affinity is a good example. Clip Studio Paint gets decent writeups.
Adobe are totally SaaS and everything you use it for runs through some linux box they own, which is the whole issue lol. If you own the program and work offline the problem is solved. I don’t get what you’re not getting tbh