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we’ve been talking about virtual monopoly on thought and creativity

he wants the ease!

nothing wrong with it

I do own Affinity Designer, the Illustrator “clone”. Might invest in their PS version too.

I get that totally.
I’m merely saying that if our work eventually ends up online on someone’s server then there is a large amount of giving up all rights to that work in totality when companies like Adobe pull shit like changing their terms to say they own whatever we create.

Just going to go full Unabomber.

Im sure you’d argue otherwise.
Are we to all give up our netflix, or spotify, or cars because it’s easier than the alternative?

I like PS, have used it since 2001. Adobe is a tnuc.
Somewhere in between, I make my peace, and create my little pictures that earn me a few quid here and there.

Honestly, this is probably one of the worst formed set of analogies to make in this argument possible ever. Nice work.

Oh please do tell me why.

we all have dude

its ok to create your own bubble in time in software and just enjoy it, beyond ok tbh, its the best

you can either accept your bubble, or see that that bubble is just a head buried in sand. Further from that, i hope you can realize that things that dont affect you personally, have huge impacts on other people’s lives outside of your bubble. Adobe doesnt care that youre still making gritty skull pics in 2024

they make their money off everyone else who actually is forced to rely on their pretty shitty services to keep the entire industry going; massive firms have to buy into adobe

i think its safe to say that the first two examples are one of the major early forms of XaaS and loss of ownership or control over personal media rights and devaluation of many many creative technical fields

Thanks for the adivce.
Your condescension is, as always, much appreciated.

And now I really am done here.

sry, i think its a bit funny that you will defend these big corps for no reason. I think its worth laughing at instead of just crying

you keep saying you have no skin the game…so what is it? being right? being comfortable? or what?

Join the club Sleeps, I know you want to.

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Cabin in the woods? Living off grid?
Im there.
Not sure about the whole killing and maiming tbh