Grime on rise in America?


This all started 25 years ago with US booji theater major kids saying ‘brilliant’ in the superlative.

Drop 'em all off in the Tower Blocks. Let Jah sort 'em out.


the real way to seem British is to add “xx” (add more x’s if your spelling is bad) at the end of every social media post, also complain a lot


It only because life is unbearable and it’s always raining xx


mental xxxx


Damn, coulda sworn Hugh Grant really was from London.




jahdan blakkamoore has always been fucking representing NY

like since DAY


Gonna go see him here on Friday. :gunfinger:


i could see him being the key to bringing grime to the US…

he had that dancehall style rhythm earlier like, 2011. alot of collabs with marcus visionary

that track you posted was fucking fire though

i will take grime over trap like anyday


Whatever happened to tre mission


He’s still around, doing work with Freeza Chin & even Jammer.

Haven’t heard much of him this year tho.


The General.


yup plus “brooklyn anthem” which isnt quite grime but he brings that vibe

it’s so much easier to integrate grime into canada seeing as they’re still so linked to the UK but imo the key to grime bring successful in the US is through some kind of caribbean intervention


Link wya


San Francisco.


Haven’t heard this yet nor is Google showing any results.

Mind posting a link?




Ah, see I was searching for Brooklyn Anthem by Tre Mission.


i was on about jahdan =)


Big tune, still.